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Preserve Data Despite Power Loss

When an unexpected surge in the power grid knocks out both power and your network, your data doesn't have to suffer corruption. One of the Cisco Small Business Network Accessories, the RPS1000 Redundant Power Supply Unit protects your network against unforeseen events by supplying power to devices the instant they begin to fail.

The power supply can guard up to six connected devices at a time, supplying power on a first-come, first-served basis. The power supply features a maximum capacity of 380W, making it ideally suited to support a number of Cisco network-attached storage devices and switches.

Additional features of the Cisco RPS1000 Redundant Power Supply include:

  • Six redundant power supply ports outputting up to 380W total
  • A one-rack-unit form factor
  • No loss of data or reboot when connected devices lose power

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