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Cisco Packet OC-3 Interface Processors

Extend Capabilities of Router-Based Networks to Meet Tomorrow's Requirements

With the new Packet OC-3 Interface Processor for Cisco 7500 and 7000/RSP series routers, Cisco offers industry-leading broadband data interface bandwidth to support the most demanding applications across both local-area and wide-area networking environments.
Operating at 155 Mbps, the Packet OC-3 interface provides the highest available interface bandwidth for packet-based traffic and is completely compatible with SONET and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) network facilities. By using standard packet protocols with efficient overhead structures, the Packet OC-3 Interface Processor maximizes data throughput and line utilization for expensive, high bandwidth facilities.


  • Standards-compliant SONET/SDH interface
  • Supports full-duplex operation at 155 Mbps
  • Intermediate reach optical interface with single-mode fiber
  • Optical interface with multimode fiber
  • Supports SONET/STS-3c and SDH/STM-1 framing and signaling overhead
  • Online insertion and removal (OIR), enabling users to remove, add, or replace interface processors on line
  • 16 to 64 Mbytes of onboard packet and program memory to support transmit and receive buffering
  • Software download capability optimizes operation across long distance links and reduces management costs by enabling remote administration

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