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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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The Cisco IGX 8400 product family now introduces the new Cisco IGX 8400 Universal Router Module (URM). The Cisco URM is a fully integrated IOS router blade with 2 T1/E1 (VoIP capable) and 2 Fast Ethernet ports, plus delivers key functionalities to Cisco IGX 8400 customers such as:

  • Multiservice branch integration (inter-operability with any voice-enabled Cisco IOS based platform , such as the Cisco 2600 and 3600 multiservice access routers).
  • IP routing through its IOS IP PLUS Feature Set
  • A full suite of IP and VoIP/VoATM services
  • Voice switching through its standards-based H.323 IOS implementation.

The Cisco IGX 8400 URM is ideal for worldwide Enterprise customers who have or plan to have an ATM WAN backbone to support voice and data integration from the Core/Edge to the branch office. With the Cisco URM, the IGX 8400 can be peered with other Cisco IOS-based platforms and provides unprecedented IP+ATM hardware integration. By integrating IOS technology, the Cisco URM helps deliver a seamless migration path towards New World technologies, such as VoIP and MPLS, to Cisco IGX 8400 customers. The Cisco URM operation on the Cisco IGX 8400 requires Switch Software 9.3.20 or higher. The Cisco URM orderability date is February 15, 2001. First Customer ship date is February 28, 2001.

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