Deliver Rich, Interactive E-Learning

Cisco WebEx Training Center makes it easy to deliver highly effective, live instruction to anyone, anywhere, without sacrificing effectiveness. Provide a dynamic, interactive learning environment and better manage audience participation. And extend the reach of your training and e-learning initiatives without adding staff or increasing your travel budget.

More Interactive Online Training

More Interactive Online Training

Engage learners with high-definition video, break-out sessions, and hands-on features. (5:11 min)

Features and Capabilities

Enhance Learning with Real-Time Tools

Participant engagement and interactivity are vital for successful online training. Cisco WebEx Training Center offers innovative features that promote instructor-student interaction, critical thinking, and lesson retention. It's easy to use and includes unlimited online sessions, integrated audio, and the ability to record classes.

Engage Students Interactively

  • Promote collaborative learning by assigning students to break-out rooms and by sharing multimedia content
  • Give learners access to remote lab computers for hands-on technical training
  • Access a comprehensive training experience with high-definition video, on any platform or device of your choosing

Monitor and Measure Class Effectiveness

  • Tests and polls: Measure proficiency with tests, and poll student opinions instantly
  • Visual attention indicator: Gauge individual and group attentiveness at all times

Interact and Collaborate in Real Time

  • Chat: Participate in public or private chats with participants
  • Threaded Q&A: Track questions and document responses
  • Quick response tools: Receive instant feedback and guidance from your audience
  • Multimedia Viewer: Incorporate multimedia into your presentations including animation, audio, and video files and simultaneously stream third-party closed captioning or sign-language interpretation

Simplify and Secure Online Training

  • Administration: Take advantage of self-scheduling, registration management, and reporting
  • Integrated audio: Get hassle-free telephony or VoIP conferencing
  • LMS support: Take advantage of your existing Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Site and session security: Set policies for training access, passwords, and sharing to enforce corporate rules

Whether you're an enterprise using Training Center for sales training or a university delivering online lectures, you'll benefit from higher productivity and lower costs.

Benefits for Enterprises

Improve competitiveness with ongoing training for worldwide employees, customers, and partners.

  • Save money while reaching a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Increase market agility and customer responsiveness through just-in-time training
  • Boost your competitive edge through better trained sales and support personnel

Benefits for Educational Organizations

Provide students with more options for e-learning.

  • Attract and retain students through more compelling online learning
  • Help students achieve learning objectives through better classroom collaboration and communication
  • Create a digital library of on-demand recorded lectures for future use

Benefits for IT

Count on Cisco for security, reliability, and performance.

  • Reduce hardware, software, and maintenance costs
  • Get reliable, high-performance audio, video, and document sharing
  • Maintain data privacy with encrypted connections and stringent policy control
  • Take advantage of existing Learning Management System (LMS) investments

Specifications at a Glance

  • High-definition video: Add high-definition (720p) video to your online training experience
  • Integrated audio: Get hassle-free telephony or VoIP conferencing
  • Multimedia sharing: Share documents, video streams, applications, and white boards
  • Mobile Support: Get audio, video, and content sharing across Android, iPhone, and iPad devices
  • LMS support: Take advantage of your existing Learning Management System
  • Site and session security: Set policies for training access, passwords, and sharing to enforce corporate rules

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