Cisco Webex Edge Video Mesh

Deliver the best meeting experience

Webex Video Mesh provides great meeting experiences and enables everyone to connect, share, and collaborate. Video Mesh keeps media on-premises, providing a high-quality user experience, and allows meetings to overflow to the cloud as needed. This optimizes the return on your on-premises investment, minimizes latency, and keeps Internet bandwidth costs down.

Features of Cisco Webex Video Mesh

Quality and privacy

Local media processing improves the quality of audio, video, and data sharing and reduces Internet bandwidth consumption.

Simplified resource planning

Transparent overflow to the cloud simplifies resource planning and solution sizing. Users get one seamless meeting experience, regardless of whether they are joining from devices or apps registered to cloud or on-premises call control.

Reduced operational overhead

Video Mesh enables on-premises meetings without the operational overhead. It offers one management system across all meeting deployments and provides cloud-based provisioning, usage metrics, and automated delivery of software updates.

How to deploy

Cisco Webex Video Mesh requires a Video Mesh Node installed on a Cisco UCS server in your network. The Video Mesh Node registers to and is managed by Cisco Webex in the cloud, and it provides visibility of usage and delivers automatic software updates.

Install Video Mesh Node

Deploy a Video Mesh Node to your host server. You install the software on-premises, which creates a node.

Configure the Mesh Node

Log in to configure the network by setting a static IP address and change the host name and NTP servers.

Register Mesh Node to the cloud

Register Video Mesh Node to the Cisco Webex Cloud and complete additional configuration.

Enable for Webex

Turn on configuration on the Webex site to use optimized media for your Webex meetings.



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