The Cisco TelePresence Serial GW MSE 8330 blade helps to enable transparent integration of IP and serial video conferencing networks. It is part of the industry-leading Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 Series chassis-based video conferencing solution.

The blade is highly scalable, with feature transparency and powerful dial-plan capabilities. For organizations using networks attached through serial interfaces, it provides all the benefits of IP-based high-definition (HD) video conferencing solutions.


  • Standards-based and compatible with all major vendors' IP video endpoints and multipoint conference units (MCUs)
  • 16 independently clocked ports per blade
  • Supports V.35, RS-449, and EIA-530 synchronous serial data interfaces and RS-366 dialing
  • Supports external serial encryption devices, including loss of synchronization (LOS) support
  • Offers powerful dial plans to help ensure calls are routed efficiently
  • Supports bandwidth per call from 56 to 1920 kbps

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