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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Cisco TelePresence Exchange System

Partners can deliver cloud-based managed and hosted Cisco TelePresence and business video services, with the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System and service provider cloud solution architecture. The Cisco TelePresence Exchange System provides a telepresence service-creation platform, to support new and expanded service options.

SFR delivers cloud-based services using the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System.

Features and Capabilities

  • Helps increase revenue opportunities
  • Accelerates growth of telepresence and video communities on the network
  • Improves efficiency of service delivery and resource management for multitenant video services
  • Delivers value-added conferencing and business-to-business services for video and telepresence
  • Supports selling new, cloud-based solutions to deploy pervasive video, and expand into bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

Business Benefits

The Cisco TelePresence Exchange System and Cloud Solution architecture helps reduce deployment costs and operational risk through a modular approach that integrates:

  • Media
  • Service control
  • Hosted applications and exchange management

Partners can also introduce a range of basic and advanced media services for telepresence, including highly secure intercompany calls, as well as:

  • Multimedia conferencing, including rendezvous and scheduled calls
  • Interoperability subscriber services and standards-based video (H.323 and SIP endpoints)
  • Line side service registration and feature delivery for hosted endpoint services
  • Wholesale services, including service provider interconnect
  • Additional value-added, shared media services, and customized service options are also available

New Solution Options

Pervasive Conferencing from the Cloud

Expanded options help partners deliver video-as-a-service conferencing, with on-demand virtual meeting rooms. This creates simple-to-use consumption models, and accelerates the adoption of pervasive conferencing.

These new virtual meeting rooms let enterprises have video meetings any time, from anywhere, with simple set-up and management control.

Virtual Meeting Rooms deliver additional benefits, as they:

  • Complement on-premise customer deployments
  • Integrate with Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions
  • Offer affordable, predictable service models
  • Support pay-per-month and pay-as-you-grow commercial offers

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