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Updated:January 20, 2021

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Updated:January 20, 2021

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Product overview

The Cisco® Network Convergence System (NCS) 560 Router is a full-featured, modular, and programmable aggregation platform. It helps service providers build the foundation for a highly connected, secure, automated, programmable, and cost-efficient access network to:

      Deliver cost-effective and converged next-generation broadband aggregation services for mobile, residential, and business customers, with best-in-class hardware and purpose-built software technologies.

      Improve business agility in an increasingly dynamic environment with increased service velocity and help service providers attain additional revenue from their network infrastructure and next-generation services and applications.

      Reduce costs throughout the service lifecycle and promote efficiency gains in the deployment and operation of the networks by utilizing simplified operations with open standards–based automation and programmability capabilities, which accelerate operational and business processes, while minimizing errors and time to delivery.

Product overview

The NCS560 provides a dense combination of 4 x 100GE, 40 x 10GE, and 96 x 1GE ports in a modular 7RU form factor and 6 x 100GE + 16 x 10GE in a modular 4RU form factor.


      Fully redundant platform with 50 msec ISSU support

      5G ready with support for Segment Routing and EVPN

      6 x 100G support on NCS560 4 RU

      Supports industrial temperature conditions

      High Density of 1G/10G/40G/100G ethernet ports. 25G/50G on roadmap

      100G/200G CFP2 DCO support

      100G QSFP-DD ZR optics support on roadmap

      Low latency forwarding, typically <10 µs

      Precise frequency and phase/time synchronization using the latest industry standards

      Security- Trust Anchor infrastructure, secure boot, image signing, run-time defence

      Part of Cisco Certified Metro Fabric Design

      MEF 3.0 certified for carrier ethernet deployments

      Rich Quality of Service capabilities for different SLAs

      Excellent manageability

What it does

The Cisco NCS 560 Router helps service providers deliver highly scalable advanced services for residential broadband, mobile, and Metro Ethernet applications. This allows an operator to provide differentiated and cost-effective services to end users. The modular NCS 560 Router supports broadband aggregation for delivering “any-play” services (voice, video, data, and mobility), or be deployed as a preaggregation platform for mobile backhaul, and can aggregate cell sites and use Segment Routing (SR, SR-TE) or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) as a transport for Radio Access Network (RAN) backhaul traffic. The NCS 560 Router is also built to meet service provider requirements for Carrier Ethernet aggregation.

      Delivering unprecedented capacity, density, and scale

      Converged services delivery

    Carrier Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul, Cable/Remote Phy and FTTx

      Highly secure and available

    OS developed with critical components to deliver security, reliability, and stability

      Simplified and programmable

    Simplified and application-aware networking – Segment Routing

    Network programmability – NC/YANG

      Intent-driven automation

    “Open” infrastructure to deliver automated network and services intent through orchestration

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Start your journey delivering cost-effective, next-generation services and applications for your customers here with the NCS 560 Router. For more information, please go to the NCS data sheet at




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