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Cisco HyperFlex and IBM Cloud Paks At-a-Glance

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Updated:October 4, 2019

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    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:October 4, 2019

Table of Contents



Addressing the needs of modern applications

Enterprises are enhancing and extending their existing applications to deliver new business services. Modernizing applications and deploying them in multicloud environments can be very complex. IT organizations are challenged to deal with the fragmented nature of their operations, increasing complexity, and lack of control when it comes to data, policy, security, and monitoring. They want consistency while avoiding vendor lock-in as they leverage existing enterprise application and infrastructure resources.

Cisco and IBM Cloud have partnered together to accelerate our customers’ journeys to application modernization by enabling developers to quickly build, test, and deliver modern microservice applications across hybrid cloud environments. IBM Cloud Paks deliver enterprise-ready containerized software solutions that give you an open, faster, and more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud–public or private. Cisco HyperFlex and HyperFlex Edge systems serve as the solution’s common infrastructure building blocks. This joint solution provides a common and secure Kubernetes experience across on-premises and cloud environments that minimizes business and technical risks.

Starting quickly and easily

Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure provides a common building block for Kubernetes-based as well as virtualized workloads. When a HyperFlex or HyperFlex Edge system is used with IBM Cloud Paks, they work together to provide a consistent experience whether on-premises or in public clouds. The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, running on Red Hat OpenShift, provides consistent visibility, governance, and automation from on-premises to the edge.


     Run distributed workloads consistently, reliably, and securely in production-ready hybrid environments

     Extend your existing on-premises applications and infrastructure into a public cloud without increasing risk and complexity

     Provides you with a common methodology and building blocks to support micro services and ease of accessing services from the cloud or the on-premises

     Drive application agility with access to the best tools, technologies, and platforms from IBM Cloud and Cisco

A flexible architecture for hybrid cloud

We have worked with IBM Cloud to develop a hybrid architecture that provides an easy way to get started with multicloud while offering the flexibility to add optional software and hardware components.*This framework provides a consistent, production-grade environment that can be customized to meet your needs. You can add components for networking, security, and management as it makes sense to your organization.

     Consistent, policy-driven on-premises networking using Cisco ACI

     Cisco SD-WAN for secure hybrid WAN across remote offices, retail stores, and edge locations

     Enhanced application performance management capabilities with AppDynamics®

IBM’s hybrid cloud solutions include Red Hat OpenShift, open source software components, as well as an extensive catalog of IBM enterprise software and VMware services.

Our partnership ensures your investment is protected, and you have the flexibility to modernize your applications as it makes sense to your organization. You can transition organically, by efficiently blending your existing assets, tools, and applications with new cloud-native technologies. Developers can build distributed applications across both public cloud and on-premises environments. You don’t have to worry about security, consistency, compliance, or getting locked in.

* Cisco software components can be licensed on an annual subscription basis including 1-, 3-, and 5-year terms and bundled with Cisco HyperFlex systems as full-stack subscriptions. IBM Cloud software components can be licensed separately from IBM and their resellers.


This solution enables you to quickly deploy and manage Kubernetes-based applications on Cisco HyperFlex or the public cloud. Cisco Intersight is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems management platform. It includes an installation wizard to install, configure, and deploy Cisco HyperFlex clusters in any on-premises location – your data center, remote locations, or edge environments.

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To learn more about our solutions for hybrid cloud, visit https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/hyperconverged-infrastructure/hybrid-cloud-solutions.html.

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