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Updated:March 3, 2021

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Updated:March 3, 2021

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The Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform physical appliance previously known as the Application Services Engine is designed to support the Cisco Nexus Dashboard. Refer to the Cisco Nexus Dashboard datasheet.

The Cisco Nexus Dashboard is a unified automation platform that hosts powerful day-2 operations applications, such as Cisco Nexus Insights, Cisco Network Assurance Engine (NAE) and Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO).

Product overview

Cisco Application Services Engine is based on powerful compute hardware. The minimum cluster size comprises of three nodes. Each node is powered with 20 cores, 9.6TB of HDD, 256G memory, and 1.6TB of NVME SSD. Nodes can be added to the initial cluster to power additional application needs.

Features and benefits

Table 1.        Cisco Nexus Dashboard physical platform features and benefits



Network automation

  Touchless bootstrap of cluster nodes.

Scale-out architecture

  As application needs grow, simply add more cluster nodes to meet demand.
  Cluster architecture provides high availability and resiliency for applications.

Powerful performance hardware

  Each node has powerful hardware to deliver maximum scale and performance for the applications the cluster is hosting.

Unified platform

  A single Cisco Nexus Dashboard cluster based on the Cisco Application Services Engine can host all insights and assurance applications and potentially other applications in the future (including Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator [MSO] and Cisco Network Assurance Engine).

Platform support

There are no direct platform dependencies for Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform physical appliance.


There are no licensing requirements for the Cisco Nexus Dashboard physical appliance. Refer to the ordering guide for more information.

Product specifications

Table 2.        Cisco Nexus Dashboard physical platform node specifications

Hardware specifications

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform (Formerly known as Application Services Engine)

Specifications (per cluster node)




2* 10 cores each

Hard disk

4* 2.4TB each = 9.6TB total





Power supply


Table 3.        Cisco Nexus Dashboard physical platform cluster specifications

Cluster specifications

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform (Formerly known as Application Services Engine)


3 nodes



Installation dependencies
Software dependencies
Refer to the Cisco Nexus Dashboard datasheet for software dependencies.

Ordering information

Table 4.        Cisco Nexus Dashboard physical ordering information

Part #

Product description


Cisco Application Services Engine Performance cluster


Cisco Application Services Engine Cluster node

Warranty information

Cisco Application Services Engine clusters have a 90-day limited liability warranty.

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