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Updated:October 7, 2022

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Updated:October 7, 2022


Cisco Webex Room Phone

Cisco Webex Room Phone is a conference phone designed for collaborative meetings. It supports the flexible deployment with registration on either Webex or UCM, or both. It allows you to bring the Webex experience to audio rooms by providing calling, meetings, and share capabilities

Product overview

The Cisco Webex Room Phone is a conference phone designed for collaborative meetings. With a simple and familiar interface and high-quality audio you can use the power of the Webex platform to have an effective, productive call, meeting, and share experience. Enjoy a meeting solution that’s simple and easy to use. Never enter a phone number or meeting code ever again. Now it’s as simple as pushing one button to join through the touchscreen or Webex apps when proximity paired. You and your guest(s) can also share content locally or in-meeting using wireless and wired options.

The room-filling HD audio, 360-degree coverage, acoustic echo cancellation, and noise reduction allow remote meeting attendees to hear the voices of conference room attendees clearly.

Plus, with device analytics and insights via CiscoWebex Control Hub, you can track and monitor device utilization, identify popular meeting rooms, troubleshoot call quality and network issues, and plan device deployment.

Cisco Webex Room Phone prominent features and differentiators

Table 1.        Webex Room Phone features and benefits



Smart meetings

Great audio experience with room-filling HD audio and 360-degree coverage

Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction removes distractions from calls and meetings

In-meeting experience with participant list and active speaker on device and external display*

Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button To Push (OBTP) for scheduled devices in a Cisco Webex meeting*

Automatic wake-up: system “wakes up” when someone walks into the room and recognizes them through their mobile or laptop device*

Join from Webex apps on your smartphone or laptop via Proximity*

End-to-end security

Smart presentations

HD content sharing (up to 30fps)*

Wireless sharing from Webex apps*

Guest sharing from a web browser*

Wired cable sharing using a HDMI cable

Smart rooms

Automatic screen/display integration through HDMI CEC

Increase screen productivity with digital signage – integration with Appspace*

Built for cloud and premises

Flexible deployment and calling options

Enjoy ultimate flexibility in deployment and protect your on-premises investments with options to combine cloud and on-premises features.

Bring the Webex experience to audio rooms

The Webex Room Phone is a single device solution that can allow multiple people in small and medium-sized conference rooms to collaborate effectively in meetings. Room Phone leverages the power of the Webex platform to bring call, meeting, and share capabilities.

With Room Phone, Cisco includes the same user interface used across the Webex device portfolio to a conference phone.

The HDMI-out to any HD display can be used to show meeting information, sharing, and digital signage.

Device management and usage analytics through Webex Control Hub makes deploying, configuring, and supporting Room Phone simple.

These features are typically seen on higher-priced video solutions. They are now available via Webex Room Phone for every room and team.


Table 2.        Cisco Webex Room Phone registration


License level


Cisco Webex device subscription, monthly or 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-year options


Enhanced User Connect License (UCL)

Product specifications

Table 3.        Product specs




6-inch 1080p full HD touch


Dedicated mute and volume buttons with cap touch

Video inputs

One HDMI input supports up to 1080p30

Video outputs

One HDMI output supports up to 1080p30


OPUS, G.722, G.729a/ab, and G.711 (u/a)

Automatic gain control

Comfort noise generation

Silence suppression/voice activity detection

Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction

Audio inputs

4 built-in microphones and up to 2 external wired microphones, one HDMI input

Speakers (integrated)

2 speakers (woofer and tweeter)

High-quality 22-kHz speaker

Maximum adjustable volume: 89 dB within 0.5 m

Wireless sharing

Cisco Webex Teams and Meetings App (up to 1080p15)



Cisco Webex

IP network features

DNS lookup for service configuration

Differentiated services (Quality of Service [QoS])

RFC 4733 DTMF tones in SIP

Date and time support using Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

802.1X network authentication


Call control

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM)

Native registration with Unified CM

Requires Unified CM Version 10.5(2) or later with device pack for Room Phone

Cisco Webex Service

Smart Meetings

Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button To Push (OBTP) when activated with Webex

Security features

Secure credential storage

Image authentication

Random bit generation

Manufacturer-Installed Certificates (MICs)

Secure boot

SHA-256 enabled for advanced security features

Signaling authentication and encryption using TLS v1.2

Media authentication and encryption using Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

Network interfaces

One Ethernet (RJ-45) 10/100/1000 for LAN with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support


IEEE PoE Class 3

Cables included

1 RJ45

8m HDMI cable (HDMI out to display)

3m HDMI cable (HDMI in for screen sharing)


  Regulatory compliance

    CE Markings per directives 2014/30/EU and 2014/53/EU and 2014/35/EU


    UL 60950-1

    UL 62368-1

    CAN/CSA 60950-1

    CAN/CSA 62368-1

    EN/IEC 60950-1

    EN/IEC 62368-1

    AS/NZS 60950

    KC 60950

  EMC – Emissions

    47CFR Part 15 (CFR 47) Class B

    ICES 003 Class B

    CISPR32 Class B

    EN 55032 Class B

    AS/NZS CISPR32 Class B

    VCCI Class B

    EN/IEC 61000

    KN32/35 Class B

  EMC – Immunity



    Armadillo Light


    AS/ACIF S004

    NZ PTC220

    Industry standards: TIA 810 B and TIA 920 A

    Industry standards: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at


    FCC Part 15 C



    EN 300 328

    EN 300 440

    EN 301-489-1

    EN 301-489-17

    EN 301 893

    EN 50385

    ASNZS 5268

Ordering information

Table 4.        Ordering

Part number

Product description


Cisco Webex Room Phone in carbon black (includes 3m/8m HDMI cables and RJ45 network cable)


Power injector for Cisco Webex Room phone


Wired mics for Cisco Webex Room phone

Warranty information

The Webex Room Phone is covered by a standard 1-year replacement warranty.

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