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Preparing for the Hybrid Workplace with Webex Rooms Solution Overview

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Updated:July 20, 2020

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Updated:July 20, 2020


Work is what you do, not where you go

The workplace is undergoing a dramatic shift that is fundamentally changing how people work and collaborate. As the workforce continues to prove that remote work can be successful, the trend of employee flexibility will grow. A recent Gartner survey of CFOs found that 74 percent of businesses plan to permanently increase the percentage of employees working remotely.

The shift requires organizations to reimagine how people work together in different locations and the experiences they’ll expect at home and in the workplace. To make the most of this new environment, the hybrid workplace model has emerged as a viable solution that benefits both the business and employees.

The hybrid workplace model

The hybrid workplace supports a blend of in-office and remote workers while empowering people to choose where they work for the day. Whether at the home office, a coffee shop, a local co-working space or in the corporate office, employees can choose the environment that aligns to where they will be most productive. For example, if a person needs to get focused work done, they may choose to work from home or in a local co-working space with fewer distractions and more time to focus from reduced travel. On the other hand, if they have a training session, town hall meeting, or their team is getting together in person, they can go into the corporate office.

Hybrid workplace benefits:

  Boost productivity by delivering a seamless collaboration experience in any location
  Increase employee flexibility and job satisfaction
  Improve collaboration with high-quality video conferencing and easy-to-use whiteboarding capabilities for local and remote teams
  Respond quickly to change and ensure business continuity with a scalable platform
  Provide intelligent workspace experiences to reduce friction and deliver important information
  Optimize workplace and real estate costs with analytics for every workspace


The Future of with Webex Rooms

Watch the “Future of Work with Webex Rooms” session from InfoComm 2020 Connected

This increased flexibility means that organizations will have to prepare for a mix of in-person and remote participants in every meeting. The right technology in the workplace and remote offices is required for employees to have a frictionless and productive experience, no matter where they are.

Supporting the new hybrid workspace

Preparing the workplace and workforce for hybrid collaboration

The right strategy for the hybrid workplace requires the right technology choices. With today’s meeting rooms blending virtual and physical spaces, people need access to the tools that result in high-quality collaboration experiences and improve productivity wherever they are. Webex® Rooms and the Cisco® Webex platform are designed to deliver high-quality, authentic interactions between local and remote teams. When you meet face-to-face with video conferencing, call, message, or co-create on a whiteboard, it doesn’t matter where you are—at home, your corporate desk, or in a conference room with others. You can enjoy a seamless, intuitive, and effortless experience.

Hybrid workplace solutions:

  Webex Rooms – Built for every workstyle and workspace, Webex video endpoints offer high-quality video conferencing, whiteboarding, and advanced AI features that let you work with others like you’re in the same room.
  Webex Teams – This easy-to-use collaboration solution keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere by bringing together messaging, file sharing, video meetings, whiteboarding, and calling.
  Webex Meetings – The world’s most popular video conferencing service for the enterprise offers highly secure integrated audio, video, and content sharing.
  Webex Calling – Take your voice communications to the next level with secure and reliable HD audio and video to support today's remote, dynamic workforce.

Delivering consistent and seamless collaboration experiences

Enabling every employee with a full-featured, intuitive collaboration experience that allows them to message, meet, call, share content, and collaborate from any space is a foundational requirement for the hybrid workplace. A platform that provides these key collaboration capabilities and interoperates with the productivity tools people use every day so workstreams aren’t interrupted and people remain engaged and productive throughout the day is essential. Collaboration point products alone can’t solve these challenges. Webex can.

Webex provides the same, open experience everywhere so team can get stuff done:

     A single, integrated portfolio provides the ability to share and organize ideas, conduct scrum meetings, and brainstorm with local and remote participants.

     Webex users can leverage familiar tools and workflows in a familiar UI with business applications, such as Office 365, Google Docs, and Trello to support uninterrupted workstreams.

     Webex users can share screens with any remote participants, creating a seamless experience and removing geographic boundaries.

Corporate office experiences

A consistent experience

While the hybrid workplace can reduce real estate footprints, the office is here to stay. It will remain your central hub for rich collaboration experiences, team building, training, and education. But with a rotating cast of in-office workers, the traditional workplace experience will no longer suffice.

Collaboration devices are going to be increasingly important as you look to connect more distributed teams. With a more dispersed workforce, being able to seamlessly connect those physically present with those who are virtual is critical, and video will be an important tool in making that happen. You’ll also have to account for an increasing number of employees visiting the office that are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Technology will be needed to assist them in finding the right available space to work and collaborate.

Webex Rooms are designed to provide intelligent workplace experiences and high-quality collaboration:

High-quality collaboration

     From the desk to the board room, the Webex Rooms portfolio includes a device for every space so you have a consistent experience, no matter where you are.

     Webex Rooms devices are powered by RoomOS, which delivers the same seamless collaboration experience across devices and spaces.

     With the Webex Desk Pro, Webex Board, or Webex Teams apps, local and remote teams can collaborate and co-create simultaneously with an infinite whiteboard canvas.

     Webex Rooms devices can easily be controlled from personal devices (laptop or mobile phone) and provide for easy, wireless content sharing.

     Webex Assistant provides touchless device controls to make it easy to manage meetings and address hygiene concerns over touching shared devices.

     Voice-controlled room booking allows employees to find a space to work or collaborate without the hassle of walking the floor or using a meeting room management tool.

     Digital signage helps drive employee awareness and engagement and provides safety alerts across your entire organization.

     Advanced analytics and sensors deliver vital information to IT and facility managers, including the ability to understand space utilization and room capacity with Webex Control Hub.

- Vaishno Srinivasan, Industry Analyst, Information & Communications Technologies at Frost & Sullivan


Effortlessly move between your virtual and physical worlds

Remote office experiences

Remote office experiences

Our personal office has become an extension of the traditional office. It’s more important than ever that we can work from anywhere, with access to the tools that support productivity. Remote employees will need to be enabled with a video conferencing software or purpose-built video device, depending on the nature of work and their proximity to a physical office.

Remote collaboration can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Attending back-to-back meetings on your laptop or via a secondary monitor is known to cause poor posture and the nagging issues of poor audio pickup, background noises, and low-quality cameras can disrupt the collaboration experience. As we’re immersed in remote work, it’s more important than ever to experience natural and authentic interactions, as though we were face-to-face. That’s because most of our meaning comes from non-verbal cues. Our ability to interact in high fidelity, whether in person or remotely, is critical to productivity.

Webex Rooms provides the quality and efficiency needed for team collaboration in the personal office:

The personal office

     Dedicated collaboration devices offer high-quality, face-to-face interaction with the same set of capabilities you’d expect to find in the office.

     AI-enabled collaboration helps remove the friction from work, suppress background noises, and provides blurred or virtual backgrounds to minimize distractions.

     The meeting happens on your video device, so your laptop is free from processing the audio and video while simultaneously running the meeting software—no overheating devices, no distracting fans; just a stellar experience.

     Ideate and co-create at the desk effortlessly and keep your ideas flowing without ever running out of space to capture them with digital whiteboarding and content annotation.

     Advanced noise cancelling headsets allow you to focus on the work without disrupting the meeting with common household background noises.

     Fatigue-free, natural experiences promote good posture and great communication.

Get things done with just your voice

Secure and scalable

Allowing employees to work from anywhere also adds new security requirements. Webex extends enterprise-class security to the home to optimize remote work for performance, cost, and security with end-to-end encryption. This means your data remains encrypted with a key that you own—from the moment any data leaves your machine - untilit gets to the recipient’s device. You can put this key into your own data center, and it remains securely within yourcontrol, managed and accessible by you. All messages, files, whiteboards, and actions are end-to-end encrypted, whether in transit, at rest, and even in use. While other solutionsofferthings like“bring your own key” or “encryption at rest,” Webex is the only vendor that offers encryption end to end today.

Cloud and on-premises registration for devices makes it affordable and easy to deploy in any space. And with Webex Control Hub, you can manage your devices and spaces with analytics to continually optimize your spaces.

Ready to make the shift to a hybrid workplace?

It’s time for rich collaboration experience to support your needs as they evolve. Webex Rooms and the Webex platform can support the new hybrid workspace with flexible, seamless, and intuitive experiences for remote offices or an entire campus.

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