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Cisco Touch 10

Make and manage video calls, share content, and access more features, all with the touch of a finger.

$990.00 USD*
Cisco Suggested Resale Price
*Final price may vary. Final price set by Cisco Partner. For options outside U.S. please consult Cisco Sales.

Webex Room Navigator

Experience next-generation room controls, room booking, and conference controls in an intelligent touch panel that can be used inside the meeting room or in open spaces, as a table-stand or wall-mount control device.

In-room control

Control room peripherals like lights, room dividers, and blinds.

Easy to use

Effortless user experience with clear, context-based interaction.

Easy to connect

Instant access to meetings, contacts, directories, and content.

Meeting room scheduling

Simplify meeting room scheduling by adding intelligent Webex room booking to your spaces.

Enable digital signage

Turn on digital signage and send critical alerts and building evacuation maps.

Centralized metrics

Cisco Control Hub shows all the meeting room management and analytics you need in one place.

Connect to Webex

Use a Webex account for advantages like digital signage, single-pane-of-glass management portal from the Control Hub, and the power of RoomOS.

Designed for Webex Rooms

Conference room controller for the Webex Room Series and Webex Board Series.

Device management

Get all the meeting room analytics you need in Cisco Webex Control Hub.

Get inspired with Project Workplace

Peek inside some customers' offices for tips on incorporating Cisco technology into your office.

Unleash the power of RoomOS

RoomOS is the powerful cloud-based operating system for Webex Rooms. With built-in AI and integrated Control Hub management, RoomOS provides an intelligent and secure single-platform advantage across all your room devices.