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Personal TelePresence for the Individual Office

Now you have more choices for extending the virtual in-person experience provided by Cisco TelePresence to the office of executives and team leaders. The Cisco TelePresence System 500 32-inch is the latest generation executive office endpoint and uses the same technology platform as the TX series immersive endpoints.

Cisco TelePresence System 500 offers the same experience of three-screen meeting room solutions, but with a smaller footprint. This gives individuals the flexibility to join large, multi-location group meetings, or host intimate, remote one-on-one meetings from the personal office.

Small Footprint, Big Capabilities

Specific features of Cisco TelePresence 500 Series systems include:

  • Streamlined design that fits private offices for easy installation, requiring little-to-no room remediation and construction cost
  • 1080p and 720p resolution on a premium 32-inch display with camera, microphone, speakers, and lighting fully integrated in an elegant design
  • Capability of one or two users to join meetings, appearing life-size on Cisco TelePresence 3000, Cisco TelePresence T3, and other immersive endpoints, with full Cisco TelePresence audio and video quality
  • Same technology platform as the TX series immersive endpoints
  • Simple "one-button-to-push" calling that integrates with common enterprise calendaring programs

Collaborate More Easily

With the Cisco TelePresence System 500 Series, sharing content such as data or graphics is easy with presentation-in-picture. Add a second monitor that can be dedicated to viewing content.

The system also offers any-to-any interoperability with standard- and high-definition video conferencing endpoints and collaboration with desktop video applications. These include Cisco WebEx meeting applications and the Cisco Digital Media System.

  • Includes Cisco Touch 12 control device, providing intuitive user interface for scheduled calls and access to contacts and directories
  • Same TX series technology platform means compatibility with next generation collaboration features
  • The specially designed, high-quality camera auto-retracts when not in a call, leaving the full screen available for multipurpose use
  • Integration with the network helps ensure reliability with high availability, highly secure, and Quality of Service (QoS) for an optimal experience
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