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Cisco Prime Performance Manager

Cisco Prime Performance Managerview expanded image

Get Fast, Easy, Actionable Information

Cisco Prime Performance Manager is a single performance management application that gets actionable information for the entire network, spanning core, aggregation, and access networks. This product gathers performance statistics for Cisco and multivendor network devices.

Network Performance Manager

Get fast, easy and actionable information. (4:52 min)

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    Features and Benefits

    When combined with Cisco Prime Network, Cisco Prime Performance Manager provides operators granular visibility into network and service topologies along with related performance metrics. This provides a powerful tool that provides both post-event fault management and information to proactively avoid future disruptions.

    Cisco Prime Performance Manager can be offered as a standalone product or as a component of the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite. Prime Carrier Management offers a comprehensive solution for simplifying the management of today's highly complex multidomain carrier networks.


    Carrier-class scale without the cost – Manage up to 100,000 devices and 9.7 million interfaces with low startup and administrative costs.

    Flexible user-defined views – Better meet customer needs by quickly building and providing domain-specific views

    Prepackaged reports – Generate more than 5300 prepackaged reports and gain more visibility into the network and service performance characteristics on devices from core, aggregation, and access networks.

    Data collection and processing – Easily apply standards-based data collection to any SNMP-enabled device. Generate one-minute, five-minute, 15-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly summarized reports.

    Multi-technology support – Get extensive support for a wide variety of network services, technologies, and devices.


    Easy to deploy – Easy installation with an embedded database on a single or multiple servers reduces deployment time.

    Easy to use and manage – An intuitive web-based interface provides fast access to performance reports with flexible drill-down options to find greater detail.

    Easy to extend – Dynamic loading of new reports, extensions to existing reports, and support for reporting on new devices (including non-Cisco equipment) facilitate field customization.

    Easy to integrate – Pre-integration with the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap notifications to operations support systems (OSSs) to lower costs.

    Fast, actionable information – Easy-to-use autodiscovery provides access to essential network information. User-defined threshold crossing alerts provide instant visibility into performance issues.

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