Cisco Prime Network

Cost-effective Management for Complex Networks

Cisco Prime Network is a cost-effective device operation, administration, and network fault-management solution. This single solution helps service providers reduce management complexity and deliver carrier-class services. It supports the physical network components as well as the compute infrastructure, and virtual elements found in data centers.

Cisco TechWise TV on the Nexus 7000 NAM

Video Data Sheet

Lower costs and improved efficiency with proactive service assurance (4:12 min)

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Cisco Prime Network offers the following benefits and features.


  • Increased operational efficiency through automated network discovery, configuration and change management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through proactive service assurance using postevent fault management and trend information
  • Lower integration costs through preintegration with Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite and northbound interfaces to third party applications


  • Detailed end-to-end views of the physical and virtual network topology and inventory
  • GUI-based device configuration with prebuilt and downloadable scripts
  • Up-to-date displays of network event, state, and configuration changes
  • Topology-guided troubleshooting, automated root-cause identification and alarm reduction through de-duplication

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