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Cisco NetFlow Collector (NFC) is a best-in-class data collection and aggregation product that provides a centralized view of data analysis and reporting. NFC enables enterprises and service providers to optimize network infrastructure for application delivery and network capacity planning. In addition, NFC capacitates business support applications, such as usage-based billing and Service Level Objective (SLO) monitoring.

Key NFC features include:

  • Industry-leading performance
  • Rich, flexible aggregation schemes customizable to the specific needs of each network
  • Scalable Multi-Tier architecture with end-to-end network level correlation and summarization
  • MPLS Egress NetFlow Accounting offering VPN site-to-site (PE-PE, CE-CE, PE-CE) reports
  • Supports all NetFlow versions

An IETF standard technology, NetFlow is the primary traffic analysis and accounting technology in the industry. Because NetFlow technology is a push model, performance is the key differentiation factor in deploying it. NFC is the leading performance NetFlow collector in the market. It provides automated metering and flexible network correlation key set features for many reporting analysis applications in the areas of:

  • Network monitoring
  • Network planning
  • Security analysis
  • Application monitoring
  • User monitoring
  • Traffic engineering
  • Peering agreement
  • Usage-based billing

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