Security Step-up Promotion

The Cisco Security Step-Up promotion deploys three powerful lines of defense that are simple, secure, and empowering for your customers’ businesses. Extend protection across every critical attack vector–email, web traffic, and user credentials—in a single step. Tap into compelling up-front discounts to increase your profitability.

In brief

Dates available May 1, 2023–January 27, 2024
Regional availability Global (except China)
Eligible products

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)


Account opportunity The Cisco Security Step-Up promotion provides complete coverage for organizations of all sizes to significantly reduce the risk of breaches by combining leading email security, internet threat protection, and trusted access capabilities in a single offer. Customers intending to purchase one of the products included in Step-Up can achieve more and protect better by taking advantage of this offer.
Financial reward Achieve up to 70% in incremental discounts with standard deal quoting and up to 75% with Deal Registration.
Eligible partners All registered Cisco partners
Primary benefits
  • Box out the competition.

  • Simplify the sales motion by positioning a single promotion.

  • Land and expand a point product deal with Security Step-up

  • Achieve highest profitability without Deal Registration as a requirement.

Instructions Find promotion details on the Security Step-up page on SalesConnect (under “Learn more”).
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