Solution Technology Integrator (STI) Industry Partners

Bringing digital transformation to life in all industries

The Solution Technology Integrator (STI) Industry Partner Program makes it easy for you to integrate Cisco technology into your own name-branded solutions. STI partners have global reselling rights and qualify for higher than standard reseller discounts.


Global reselling rights

Export your solutions globally through all of your sales channels.

Deeper programmatic discounts

Higher-than-standard reseller discounts provide predictable pricing and speed time to market.

STI Hunting incentive

Receive an additional hunting discount when you bring a new industry sales opportunity to Cisco.

Outbound multitiering permitted

The same standard discounts apply to the channel partners of STI partners when they sell integrated solutions on behalf of the primary partner through the STI Extension option.

Simple requirements to join

No special certifications or specializations are required.

Discounts for lab equipment

Use Not-For-Resale (NFR) incentive to purchase discounted Cisco products to build labs and demo environments.

Eligibility requirements

Core business is selling your own solutions

Commercialized solution description defined

Cisco product is less than 25% of total solution

Solution qualified by Cisco system engineers

Partner is covered by Cisco sponsor

US$750K in eligible Cisco bookings met per year

Registration and enrollment process

STI program registration is a simple two-step process.