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Lifecycle Advantage

Better Relationships. Automatically.

Maximize recurring revenue with Lifecycle Advantage, a digital engagement program for Partners that guides your customer through each stage of the lifecycle with an automated series of co-branded emails. By accelerating adoption, simplifying renewals and facilitating upsells, Lifecycle Advantage improves customer experience while growing your business at the same time.

What Lifecycle Advantage can do for you...

When your customers know you’re helping them, you’ll reap the rewards.

  • Improve customer health and build strong relationships

  • Increase recurring revenue and renewal rates

  • Accelerate adoption and value realization

Here's how it works

Sign Up

  • Select journey
  • Upload your logo, value statement, and company phone number
  • Designate a Program Administrator

Review Customer Data

  • Login to the platform to review customer data monthly
  • Select messages and add customer contacts
  • Exclude customers as needed


  • Co-branded campaigns sent automatically
  • Customer leads forwarded immediately
  • Quarterly program metrics partner reviews

Partner success

Pioneering Lifecycle Advantage with Datametrix

By joining the Lifecycle Advantage program, Datametrix was able to engage with customers at key points throughout the customer journey, automatically and without sales team intervention. This resulted in a 23% business growth, 7% uplift in software renewals and greater differentiation against their competitors.

Dimension Data's New Sales Motion: Lifecycle Advantage

Learn how Lifecycle Advantage is helping customers get more out of their solutions—which leads to improved satisfaction, and further strengthens their bond with Dimension Data and Cisco.

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Help customers get the most value out of their IT investments as a Lifecycle Advisor.

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