Services Portfolio Guide

Services Portfolio Guide

Turn complexity into clarity with solution-focused support services

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) provides world-class expert guidance and digital intelligence to help you drive business outcomes faster. Cisco Solution Support offers centralized support across more than 30 solutions and more than 250 products.

The new Cisco EA makes it easier to take advantage of solution-focused support services for all the Cisco solution portfolios covered by the EA, including networking, security, collaboration, and applications. You get holistic services in a single contract, standardized across your entire enterprise and with a higher level of comprehensive support.

1. Introduction

An enhanced Enterprise Agreement

Our new Enterprise Agreement (EA) is more than a service agreement or buying program. It delivers the power and breadth of our entire technology portfolio under a single, simplified agreement. You get easy access to the Cisco technologies you need to scale rapidly and accelerate at the speed of business. It goes beyond simplifying purchasing to offer you a future-ready technology strategy that delivers greater value, agility, and flexibility for your enterprise.

Unlock more value across the entire Cisco portfolio
  • Business agility

    Accelerate business transformation with easier access to technology. The new EA makes it easy to quickly invest in the technology you need from all our portfolios—Networking Infrastructure, Collaboration, Security, Applications Infrastructure, and Services—with lower spend minimums.

  • Premium experience

    Easily buy, manage, and consume your software licenses and services. The new EA gives you common terms and conditions across portfolios, with a single renewal date for your organization. Plus, you can manage all your licenses from one place with the visibility and control of our EA Workspace platform.

  • Unmatched value

    Get more from your investment with access to exclusive offers. Delivers preferred pricing that rewards increased commitment with increased benefits. You enjoy top value through pricing incentives, True Forward financial predictability, and investment protection.

Now you can further increase the contract efficiencies of the new EA by enrolling with our Services portfolio, featuring Cisco Solution Support.

The Services portfolio reduces the number of support contracts you manage for your critical technologies and offers higher-level support for Cisco multiproduct, multivendor IT environments.

Turn complexity into clarity with Solution Support

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) provides world-class expert guidance and digital intelligence to help you drive business outcomes faster. The Service portfolio with the new EA allows you to upgrade your support. Solution Support streamlines your support experience across software, hardware, and other providers through one service. It is available across Cisco EA portfolios, including Networking Infrastructure, Security, Collaboration, and Applications Infrastructure. The Services portfolio, featuring Solution Support, helps you:

  • Reduce contract complexity and administrative overhead
  • Predict and streamline costs
  • Speed up, simplify, and enhance issue resolution helping you get solution-level issues resolved with efficiency
Reduce contract complexity

Without the new Cisco EA, you would need to sign a new contract for every software product and service you purchase across Cisco's different portfolios. This often results in a mix of different contract renewal dates, contract terms, and different service levels. The complexity of trying to manage and keep track of all those different contracts takes time and effort. It also makes it difficult to ensure you have the support coverage you need on each Cisco solution.

The Services portfolio eliminates that complexity and uncertainty. It gives you a single contract with one renewal date and unified terms for all the solution portfolios. Whenever you add a new solution under our new EA, you automatically get support for that solution when enrolled with Solution Support. There are no new contracts to sign. No new terms to become aware of. And you only have one renewal date. Plus, you can manage that single, unified EA contract from a centralized management portal.

Predict and streamline costs

Solution Support under our new EA enables you to scale up your technology and services as needed without having to worry about sudden additional costs. When you add a new solution under the EA, it's automatically covered if you're enrolled in EA's Solution Support offering. And your price doesn't go up for that added service during that billing cycle. With the EA's True Forward feature, needed increases in service costs will be addressed at the next True Forward event, giving you much needed cost predictability. Solution Support also lowers your support costs due to the EA's inherent economies of scale.

Additionally, Solution Support under the EA eliminates support emergencies in cases where you might think you have support coverage, but you actually don't. Since it automatically covers new software additions under the EA, you always have the coverage you need without having to scramble to get more support budget and a new support contract in place.

Holistically speed up, simplify, and enhance issue resolution

When you move up from basic support to Solution Support under the EA, you get access to a single solutions engineer who addresses all your support issues. Your solutions engineer will have deep expertise in a broad array of areas critical to your business and technology, including cross-technology solutions, architectures, interoperability, and more. That means no more dealing with different support engineers for each of your different software products. Additionally, your solutions engineer will have the ability to look beyond the scope of a single support case and recommend actions to address issues across your entire Cisco environment. As a result, that single point of contact can significantly streamline and elevate the efficiency of your support interactions, while enhancing your overall services relationship with Cisco.

Solution Support also dramatically speeds up your ability to get the help you need, including 44 percent faster complex issue resolution than you typically experience with single product-focused support. A number of factors contribute to this faster problem resolution, including:

  • No triage is required to open a case
  • 30-minute response objective for high severity issues
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fast hardware replacements from two hours to next business day

Not having to perform triage to open a support case is especially important to IT admins. Basic support requires IT personnel to indicate the product fault or cause of a support issue before they can open a support case. However, isolating the cause of an issue in complex IT environments, such as those with multiple data centers, can take significant work and time. Solution Support doesn't require that upfront work. You simply indicate there's an issue and your solutions engineer will work with you to discover the cause and the solution, speeding up resolution dramatically.

2. Eligibility requirements

Eligibility requirements

To make EA more accessible, we've lowered its minimum eligibility requirements by reducing the required commitment across an organization as follows:

Term minimum: 3- and 5-year terms with a 7-year exception
Contract value: $100,000 net at program level, after discount and pre-IB credits at program level

As a part of the purchase of any suite in Networking Infrastructure, Applications Infrastructure, Security or Collaboration, you may choose to add the corresponding Services suite through your Cisco EA authorized partner. If you choose to purchase from the Services Portfolio, all initial and subsequent suites purchased within the associated software portfolio(s) will be enrolled under the Services Portfolio at the same commitment levels (Full or Partial) as your Underlying Suites.

3. Available portfolios

Easy access to other Cisco subscription portfolios

Now that the new EA brings all Cisco portfolios under one agreement, it's easier to access our full complement of technologies and innovations and be able to respond to the dynamic changes in your industry.

Networking Infrastructure portfolio

As a worldwide leader in networking, Cisco's Networking Infrastructure Portfolio serves the broadest range of networking needs across industries and segments. Our networking solutions helps you quickly adapt to change and simplify and scale operations, while protecting against service degradation and threats.

Plus, the new Cisco EA brings together our industry-leading Cisco DNA software, Meraki, Cloud Networking offerings with other Cisco capabilities to supercharge your business. Your organization can more easily and effectively deploy critical cross-technology solutions, such as security and services. And you can dynamically adjust and adapt your networking infrastructure so you can keep pace with your network's expanding and evolving demands.

Application Infrastructure portfolio

From hybrid cloud architectures to application experiences, enterprisewide full-stack observability to low-code workflow design, Cisco's broad portfolio of applications can address your most pressing technology requirements and help your business meet its strategic objectives.

The new Cisco EA makes it simpler to get the applications your business needs today and lets you adjust with agility as your needs shift. It also simplifies and speeds up your organization's ability to deploy other critical Cisco portfolio solutions, such as combining with collaboration tools for hybrid work or leveraging networking technologies for more efficient data center operations.

Collaboration portfolio

Webex Suite, available in the new EA, delivers the calling, meeting, messaging, and events tools you need to bring people together easily and help them to work together productively. At the same time, it helps you meet increasingly complex security and compliance requirements, which are key to keeping your information safe and secure.

The new Cisco EA makes it easy to get a holistic collaboration enrollment with a single contract, standardized across your entire enterprise with a higher level of comprehensive support. The new EA also makes it easier to take advantage of Cisco Collaboration solutions when you enroll for one of the other Cisco solution portfolios covered by the EA, including Networking infrastructure and Application Infrastructure.

Secure Solutions portfolio

Cisco security solutions, known as Cisco Secure, take an integrated platform approach to radically simplify your security. It applies intelligence to anticipate the changing needs of your business and provide the protection you need everywhere so you can work anywhere. Our broad portfolio of security solutions includes leading solutions that protect organizations at the user, device, network, and application/data levels.

Plus, the new Cisco EA makes it easy to get a holistic security enrollment with a single contract, standardized across your entire enterprise and with a higher level of comprehensive support. The new EA makes it simpler to take advantage of Cisco Secure when you enroll for one of the other Cisco solution portfolios covered by the EA, including Networking Infrastructure, Collaboration, and Applications Infrastructure. The new EA also makes it possible to combine portfolios in ways that support cross-architectural solutions. For example, a secure access service edge (SASE) implementation might incorporate offerings from Cisco Networking Infrastructure, Security, and Services portfolios.

4. Financial benefits

Financial benefits of the new EA

In addition to delivering on technology and business needs, the new EA offers financial benefits designed for the needs of enterprises. The following are a few examples:

Financial flexibility

As with technology, finance increasingly needs to be more dynamic. The new EA delivers new levels of flexibility for financing, such as flexible terms and volume ramp options.

Financial predictability with True Forward

The financial predictability of True Forward makes the EA stand out from other agreements. Unlike other enterprise license agreements that require you to true up every year, the new EA doesn't retroactively charge for a year's extra usage up to 15 percent. This saves you from potentially having a large, unexpected bill at your contract anniversary—as frequently happens with other vendors. Instead, we work with you to update your next year's contract to bring it closer in line with your actual usage.

Read the True Forward FAQ

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