Commercial Payment Options

Budget is No Longer a Barrier

Imagine the possibilities. Then check out the Commercial Payment Options program to learn more.

Introducing the Commercial Payment Options program. Flexible financing designed specifically for the midmarket, covering deals from US$250,000 to $2 million.

The program will help you help your customers acquire the Cisco solutions that their businesses need. They get financial flexibility (at an attractive interest rate). They also get the freedom to defer equipment decisions until the end of the financing term. Their options?

  1. Return the equipment and save up to 10% of original cost (Net Present Value [NPV]).
  2. Refresh the equipment and get the latest technology.
  3. Retain ownership and pay no more than if they purchased it upfront.

Moreover, your customers can lower their total cost of ownership and preserve cash. And our lifecycle approach provides a trigger for you, the sales teams, to revisit the customer before the end of the financing term.

Lease duration options 36, 48 and 60 months
Minimum solution size $250,000
Maximum Cisco solution size $2,000,000
Minimum Cisco solution required 70% hardware component (including both Cisco and Cisco Strategic Partners/Alliances hardware)
Maximum non-Cisco solution 30%
Minimum hardware component 70%
Product eligibility All Cisco solutions
Country coverage Denmark, France*, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy*, Netherlands, Portugal*, Qatar, South Africa**, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK Other countries may be available on a case-by-case basis.
Terms and conditions Standard Cisco Capital terms and conditions apply, subject to credit and funding approvals.

* Local restrictions do not permit an end-of-lease buy-out option.

** Pricing will be adjusted to reflect market interest rates.

Customer At-a-Glance

Note: All other language variants will be available in Q1FY17

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