Cisco Capital Asia Pacific

Cisco Capital Asia Pacific

CFO Insights

Cisco Capital provides tremendous value addition
- Mr. R. Sankaranarayana, president and COO, Asianet Satellite Communications Pvt. Ltd, Kerala, India. Read more

Rajiv Menon on the Evolution of Technology Financing
“Now that the CIO (or the CTO) is a key executive on the CFO’s staff, communicating the strategic value of technology and the value that technology can bring to the business on an ongoing and long-term basis, becomes faster.” Find out more


Technology Articles

Collaborate in the Cloud
Collaborate cross-functionally and connect globally with more agility, flexibility, and cost savings with Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms. Read more...

Cisco Meraki Cloud Architecture
Get centralized management, visibility, and network control with Cisco Meraki. Read more...

Are you thinking of purchasing a Unified Communications solution?
The Unified communications (UC) market has been a continually evolving one. While VoIP remains the foundational technology, the breadth of UC applications has expanded to include collaborative applications such as video, mobile services, social media and document sharing. Read more...

Budget Constraints, Reduced Travel Budgets – Is Video Collaboration the Solution?
Video is one of the most significant ways of achieving seamless collaboration. Like Snorre Kjesbu writes in his blog on ‘Using Video as the Currency for Trust’ on the Cisco Website: Short of being physically in the room and shaking hands when you say this, high-definition video is today the most effective communications tool to build trust in a business context. Read more...

US$14.4 Trillion in revenues passing us by
To get the most value from IoE, business leaders should begin transforming their organizations based on key learnings from use cases that make up the majority of IoE’s Value at Stake. The next wave of dramatic Internet growth will come through the confluence of people, process, data, and things — the Internet of Everything. Cisco predicts that the IoE Value at Stake will be $14.4 trillion for companies and industries worldwide in the next decade. Download the White Paper now.


Economy Article

World Economic Forum Report
High-income economies are better at taking advantage of information and communication technologies (ICTs), according to latest report. Read more...

Asia on Course to Cement Leadership in Global Value Chain
Over the last two decades, Asia has benefited the most from Global Value Chains (GVCs), establishing itself as a global leader in GVC development and manufacturing. A report* by the Asian Development Bank concludes that Asia is well-positioned to cement its leadership role in global production networks, thereby boosting income and employment across its economies, particularly in the East and Southeast Asian countries. Read more...

Asian Economies Need to Focus on R&D, Build Human Capital, and Strengthen Financial Institutions
During the 2014–18 period, 12 Asian economies are expected to grow at nearly 7% per annum, according to the findings of a recently concluded study. Titled Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2014: Beyond the Middle-Income Trap, the study concludes that these economies would remain resilient in the next five years, riding on increasing domestic demand. Read more...


Focus on ICT Finance

Find out how a New Zealand IT company preserves cash and stays competitive with a sale and lease back arrangement
Turnstone had previously funded infrastructure purchases primarily using cash, but Rob Gill, Managing Director of Turnstone Limited wanted to consider options for preserving internal funds and more effectively managing cash flow to better support the growth of the business. The company needed flexible, competitive financing that would cover the entire network infrastructure, that would preferably not affect the company’s credit rating. Find out how he did it...

Fusion Networks Launches into the Cloud
Fusion Networks previously provided cloud services via third-party infrastructure. This was cost-effective when the company was smaller, but as it grew, it made sense for Fusion Networks to invest in its own cloud infrastructure. Learn how Fusion Networks built a robust cloud offering...