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Systems Information

What is Systems Information?

What it is, why we need it and how we collect it, use it, and protect it.

Systems Information defined

Systems Information (SI) is a combination of data that we receive from our solutions and data collection tools, and information you provide to us about the solutions, including those that are installed in your network. SI is needed to deliver, support, and improve our solutions and services.

Guiding principles

As trusted stewards of your data, we hold ourselves and our partners to the following guiding principles:


We clearly explain how we use your data and only use it for that stated purpose.

Trusted Ecosystem

Systems Information that can be attributable to you is only shared within our trusted ecosystem, meaning the partners, distributors and contractors who help provide our solutions to you and who are also committed to protecting that data.


We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for adhering to the highest standards when it comes to collecting, using, sharing, storing, securing, accessing, transferring, or otherwise processing your data.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Systems Information (SI)?


In order to provide you with the full value of your Cisco products and services, we receive and use certain technical data and information about the operation and performance of your Cisco solutions, which we refer to as Systems Information. Systems Information is data generated or collected in connection with your use and operation of Cisco solutions, as well as data provided by you in connection with the delivery of products and services to you (when you submit a request for support services, for example). Systems Information is composed of Telemetry Data, Support Data, Install Base Information, Entitlement Information, Customer Feedback and Security Threat Data, as defined here.

Q. Why do you collect SI? What do you do with this information?


Systems Information is required to deliver, support, and improve the Cisco solutions and services you have purchased:

  1. Solution delivery – to operate our products and deliver services to you with critical and timely system insights, as well as to provide you with warranty coverage, technical support, and similar services.
  2. Accelerate Adoption – to derive insights and analytics to help you achieve greater value from our solutions and enable your business objectives. These insights and analytics are critical to provide you with network consultation services, recommendations, and training necessary to help you utilize our products and services in a way that best meets your needs, improves your user experiences, and applies a customer-focused quality of service.
  3. Trusted Relationship – to help us ensure that you receive what you purchased or are entitled to, including managing subscription renewals, validating and managing entitlement, trial use, and similar activities. We also rely on Systems Information to help enhance our relationships with you.
  4. Solution Improvements – to gain insights that show us how our solutions are working and being used. We use these insights to modify and improve our solutions, as well as to develop new solutions in order to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Q. What specific types of information do you collect?


Telemetry Data

Data generated by instrumentation and logging systems created through the use and operation of the product or service.


  • Product Identification. Cisco product serial numbers and other identification information.
  • Sensor Data. Data generated by sensors, devices and machinery, product or service features or functionality activated, accessed, or utilized.
  • Configuration Data. Network policy, hardware and software components installed, connections and topology relationships between products.
  • Cookies and Beacons. Data relating to the existence of cookies, web beacons, and other similar applications.
  • Application Information. The types of Cisco software or applications installed on a network or device.
  • Network, Software and Cloud Traffic. Data related to the usage, origin of use, traffic density and patterns. Behavior of workloads, and applications across a network or cloud service.
Support Data Data we collect when you submit a request for support services or other troubleshooting, including information about hardware, software and other details related to the support incident.

Install Base Information      Types, quantities and location of installed Cisco devices, products, or software releases.

Entitlement Information      Software license, warranty, cloud, and service subscription information.

Customer Feedback Technical data or suggestions contained in oral or written communications you provide us regarding modifications or improvements to a product or service.

Security Threat Data Threat intelligence data, URLs, metadata, NetFlow data, origin and nature of malware and other information necessary to enable security features of a product or service.

Q. Does SI include Personal Data (also known as Personally Identifiable Information) or Customer Content?


We recognize and respect that your Personal Data and Customer Content are especially sensitive and require separate treatment specific to those data types. If any such Personal Data or Customer Content is incidentally received, we will treat that data as Personal Data or Customer Content consistent with applicable law and your contracts or agreements with us. To learn more on how Cisco handles Personal Data and Customer Content, please visit the Trust Portal.

Q. How do you collect it?


We collect and generate Systems Information in a variety of ways, and we use this Systems Information solely to meet the objectives stated above (see “Why do you collect SI? What do you do with this information?”). There are some products and services that require Systems Information to properly or fully function. There are other purchase arrangements, such as utility billing arrangements, that require us to collect Systems Information to determine usage. If you choose not to provide us with Systems Information, it may limit or prevent our ability to deliver the solutions you purchased and related advanced feature functions, security capabilities, services, and other insights and analytics.

Q. Who do you share it with?


We sometimes need to share Systems Information with our trusted ecosystem of partners, distributors and contractors. If you purchase a solution through a Cisco partner, we may provide your partner or its distributor with the System Information needed to deliver and perform that solution, manage your subscription, and fulfill subscription billing and administrative activities consistent with the objectives described above. We may also contract with service providers and share Systems Information necessary to operate and service our solutions. In each instance, each participant in our trusted ecosystem has agreed to confidentiality, applicable law, and other requirements with us that are consistent with our commitments to you.

If the Systems Information does not identify a specific customer, such as when the Systems Information is effectively de-identified, then we may freely use and share Systems Information and related insights and analytics.

Q. How can I ensure that the SI data you collect is secure and protected?


We use information security best practices and controls to protect data in our possession. For further information about how Cisco protects, uses and shares data responsibly, including compliance with applicable laws, data breach notification, data storage, and our data protection requirements, please see here. For information about how we respond to requests for information from governments and courts, please see here.

Q. What control do I have over the types of data Cisco collects?


There are certain products and services that require Systems Information in order to function and provide the solution to you. We will be transparent about these requirements so that you may choose whether or not to install or use the product, service or specific feature that requires that access. For other products and services, you may have the option to configure whether Systems Information is shared with us or have the ability to decline our requests to provide Systems Information to us.

Cisco Profile Management Tool allows you to view, edit, and set preferences for your personal data. Some products and services have embedded controls for administrators or users to manage their data. We also provide a Privacy Request Form to assist you and your end users with any inquiries about personal data and process requests (e.g., opt-out of specific communications).