Forms - Global Export Trade

What do I have to do, and why?

All of the products that Cisco sells are subject to U.S. and local export regulations and information checks. All ship-to, bill-to and install sites are checked for denied parties and embargoed countries.

These information checks ask:Who are you? Where are you from (company and location)?

If you are outside the EU license free zone, restricted encrypted products are subject to additional export checks for install locations (install site is mandatory for all restricted encryption products). We will additionally ask: What does your business do? What will you use Cisco equipment for?

Understanding End-User Checks for Restricted Product

Install Site Information must be provided

Complete end-user details must be provided for all restricted encrypted product orders. The install site information provided in any required documentation must exactly match the information in the order.

If you have to change the install site information in the order please go to

  • End-user details cannot be blank.
  • End-user details cannot contain the name and address of the distributor (except in EU license-free countries).
  • will not open cases for lines that show the distributor as the end user. They will contact the distributors once weekly requesting end-user details.

Upon request a Written Assurance may be required.  A Written Assurance, is the end user's verification that they will not resell equipment to embargoed countries, or resell the equipment to military or government end users without first obtaining a US export license Export will ask for a Written Assurance if they need it.  Please do not submit a Written Assurance unless you are specifically asked by Export to do so.

License Questionnaire

Required if Install Site country is outside the EU License-Free Zone and the business has government, military, or defense industry ties.

If it is determined by the information in the Written Assurance, the order, or Cisco Export research that the end-user business business is operated, owned, sponsored, or initiated by a civil or federal government, military, or defense (operated, owned, sponsored, or initiated), the end user will be required to fill out a License Questionnaire.

License Application

If necessary, Cisco will apply for an export license for the end user.

Based on the information provided in the license questionnaire,Cisco Export will determine if a license must be applied for. Cisco will apply for the license on behalf of the end user. Cisco will always try to qualify businesses for license exemptions.

Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Singapore End-User Statement

If 5A002 or 5D002 encrypted equipment in the order is manufactured in, or trans-ships Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore; the end user may have to provide an end-user statement for that country. These are local rules for these countries. For these forms, click on the Hong Kong End User Statement or Malaysia End User Statement, or Singapore End User Statement links.

For detailed instructions about the license process please go to the License Page.

For detailed instructions about how to prepare and submit Hong Kong or Singapore end-user statements, please go to the Hong Kong Singapore End-User Page.

When is an EPCI required?

  • EPCI stands for the Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative. Export will contact you directly if this form is required.
  • Export will contact you if this document is required.
  • EPCI is required for Military and Defense Industries,including industries that use materials that could be used for weapons such as fertilizer, chemical, or nuclear plants.