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Country Digital Readiness

Evaluate and increase digital readiness

To help communities thrive in an increasingly digital world, we must harness the power of digitization to create economic opportunity for all. To this end, we have partnered with Gartner to determine how to effectively measure a country’s digital readiness and interventions that can improve their digital readiness. 

Turning insights into action

This report evaluated 118 countries and 50 U.S. states, exploring how harnessing the power of digitization can create economic opportunity for all. Through our research, we discovered a relationship between a region’s digital readiness and its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, demonstrating that digital readiness is good for economic growth.

Evaluating with seven holistic components

Digital readiness scores range from 5.9 to 20.1, and show which U.S. states and countries are highly digitally ready, and those that are less so. This reveals opportunities for local government, industry, educational institutions, and community organizations to work collaboratively to increase digital readiness and make appropriate interventions for maximum impact.

Fueling the stages of digital readiness

Countries and states have been further grouped into three broad stages of digital readiness — Activate (the lowest stage); Accelerate (countries in the middle); and Amplify (those which are mostly digitally ready): 

  • With awareness of digital readiness, organizations can make more informed decisions and adapt their efforts to match the specific needs of — and opportunities within — a region
  • They can adapt and align their programs and initiatives to build the necessary skills, incubate innovation, and foster entrepreneurship that can lead to an inclusive digital future
  • They can also make different investments in human capital development and education as needed at each stage

Digital dividend or digital divide?

Discover Australia’s digital readiness with our 2018 research with Gartner.

Download the report brief

The report summary provides a high-level overview of the seven holistic components used for evaluating a region’s digital readiness, as well as highlights of the countries and individual U.S. states based on the Activate/Accelerate/Amplify framework. 

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