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Collaborating to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Our Products

Cisco’s Partner Energy Management Program

The digitization of manufacturing data is helping Cisco meet its 2020 goal of removing 1 million metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from our extended supply chain operations. The journey started in August 2015 with the development of a pilot project between Cisco and a major manufacturing partner in Malaysia.

Connecting Cisco’s IoT energy management solution to thousands of sensors in their factory gave us both tremendous insight about how our supply chain can produce products using less energy and with a smaller carbon footprint.

Building on this success, this year, the Partner Energy Management (PEM) program challenged all of our contract manufacturing partners to embrace digitization and engage with us to set specific energy reduction goals. One partner took an early lead embracing this challenge, and has already developed and deployed its own IoT energy management system in their Thailand facility. The other partners are working hard to set up the program management and define the data boundaries needed to build verifiable energy reduction measures.

Cisco is providing guidance for the digitization efforts and we hope to prompt long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals that are connected to actionable plans. To date, the PEM program has saved more than 11,000 metric tonne of carbon across these two initial sites.

Our engagement is leading our partners to define next generation energy management plans and strengthen their measurement and verification processes. This, in turn, validates the return on investment in energy efficiency programs, paving the way with executive leadership to make even more strategic GHG reduction investments.

Cisco and our partners are proud to be boosting energy efficiency and reducing the total carbon footprint of our products. What’s more, collaborating with our partners and learning from our mutual success better enables Cisco to deliver strong IoT solutions to our customer manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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