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HCL Successfully Completes Acquisition of Cisco’s SON Technology Business

This will be positive for our customers, our employees, the SON business success, and Cisco.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – On October 25, 2020, HCL acquired Cisco’s SON technology, the management solutions business for mobile 4G/5G deployments. The product is aimed at optimizing performance of the Radio Access Network (RAN) portion of mobile solutions.This transaction will allow HCL to continue to sell, develop and support SON, while allowing Cisco to focus resources on our software defined mobile network architecture, the Crosswork ™ portfolio, and investing in 5G innovations aimed at helping our SP customers maximize their 5G investments.

Cisco continues to invest heavily in areas such as networking, 5G, security, optics, software, silicon, cable access and automation to help service providers reduce costs and complexity, secure their networks and ultimately, grow their revenue. HCL, a long-term Cisco technology innovations partner, has proven expertise implementing high-touch, open, multi-vendor SON solutions and we strongly believe our SP customers will be well served by HCL now and in the future.

We anticipate HCL will continue to sell, develop and support the SON portfolio, while increasing investment in the business and providing opportunities for employees.

Cisco remains deeply committed to our SP customers’ success and look forward to helping them reimagine their 5G potential.

Q: What part of Cisco’s business has been divested?
Cisco divested the SON business, including a critical Mobile Infrastructure & Heterogeneous Network (2G / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi) control point, which oversees the management of Radio Access Networks (RAN) and optimization of mobile radio infrastructure, as well as the products, services and employees associated with the business. Cisco SON is a multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) self-optimizing network (SON) solution that automates the RAN and helps boost performance, harmonizes the multiple technologies that comprise RAN and maximizes the capabilities of existing infrastructure.

Q: Why did Cisco choose HCL?
SON requires extensive customization as each customer deployment is unique. To best support and continue to develop SON moving forward, and to allow Cisco to focus resources on our core product portfolio, Cisco divested the SON product to a long-term, trusted Cisco technology innovations partner. For more than 20 years, Cisco and HCL have collaborated on a variety of projects across Cisco’s technology portfolio. HCL has the proven expertise implementing high-touch, flexible solutions required to scale engineering services for SON based on customer needs. We strongly believe our SP customers will be well served by HCL.

Q: Why did Cisco sell this part of the Service Provider business?
Cisco’s strategy is focused on building disruptive solutions for networking, multi-cloud, security, data and collaboration that accelerate our customers’ business outcomes. In 2013, Cisco invested in the SON technology to help our customers with their RAN automation needs. Cisco remains a dedicated partner in mobility and automation. For automation, we are now focused on the Crosswork™ and NSO platforms and architectures. To ensure our SON customers continue to receive the support required, Cisco decided to divest the SON business to a long-term, trusted Cisco technology innovations partner, HCL. HCL has proven expertise implementing high-touch, open, multi-vendor SON solutions, and we strongly believe our SP customers will be well served by HCL now and in the future.

If you have questions about the SON transition, or would like to learn more about SON products, or would like a SON quote, please contact HCL at ERX_Telecom_Sales@hcl.com

SON customers and partners can continue to use existing Cisco processes to obtain technical support on their SON products. For SON renewals or to purchase new SON services, contact HCL at ERX_Telecom_Sales@hcl.com.

For more information about opening a technical support case with the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and for regional telephone numbers, refer to  Cisco Worldwide Support Contacts.

Better Together

Cisco and HCL are committed to customer success and will ensure a smooth transition for our customers, partners and employees.