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Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Cisco Insider: Your entry into the world of Cisco experiences

Cisco Insider unites Cisco's advocacy, loyalty, and research programs within one overarching program. It's designed to simplify how you discover, access, and interact with Cisco engagement opportunities. Whether it’s connecting with industry peers and subject matter experts, accessing product roadmaps, or participating in beta testing, research studies, or professional growth opportunities, Cisco Insider can help you make your Cisco experience more valuable and rewarding.

We've expanded Cisco Insider to include many customer advocacy, loyalty, and research programs. One of these research programs, formerly known as Cisco Insider, has been renamed Cisco Insider User Research. You can access your existing membership in this program, as well as discover new programs that interest you, by visiting the Cisco Insider homepage.

Cisco Insider is the product of feedback from you, our most loyal and engaged customers. We heard that it was challenging to navigate programs across many platforms, and that you received a high volume of communications from Cisco. By bringing Cisco's advocacy, loyalty, and research programs together, Cisco Insider can streamline how you access programs and ensure that you receive information that's most relevant to your interests.

You may access Cisco Insider and learn more about its programs through the Cisco Insider homepage.

If you're an existing member of a program that's moved into Cisco Insider, you can log in as you normally would. For additional support, please contact the Cisco Insider team at

Don't worry, your program memberships are still active! You can log in to each program as you normally would or access them each through the Cisco Insider homepage.

For now, yes. Registration is required for every new program you join.

You can expect the same experiences from the advocacy, loyalty, and research programs you love, all with different names and an exciting new look and feel. You will also see new features added to Cisco Insider in the coming months, including a simplified program hub to quickly navigate across all programs you have joined.

By combining many programs into one experience, Cisco Insider makes it easier for you to access the programs you love while discovering new opportunities to engage with us. You'll also experience streamlined communication from your membership programs, receiving only the most important and relevant information for you.

For now, please contact the Cisco Insider team at In the coming months, we will be updating the Cisco Insider experience to make it even easier for you to view and manage your program memberships.

You can unsubscribe from a program by contacting the program owner. If you need additional support, please contact the Cisco Insider team at We will be updating the Cisco Insider experience in the coming months so that you're enabled to access, view, and manage all your program memberships in one place.

No, your email subscriptions will not change, and you will not be added to any new communications unless you opt in.

Cisco Insider Advocates (formerly Cisco Gateway and Cisco Marketing Velocity Voice)

Cisco Insider Advocates is the new name for the programs formerly known as Cisco Gateway and Marketing Velocity Voice. It's part of the larger Cisco Insider Advocacy program, which brings together additional programs like Cisco Insider Executives, Cisco Meraki Insiders, and Cisco Insider Small Business Partners.

Yes! You'll keep all your hard-earned progress. Part of our new Cisco Insider Advocates experience includes exciting new tier names for our "Rookie" and "Pioneer" members. For our "Stars" and "Rockstars,” we know how proud you are of these titles, and they will remain the same in the Cisco Insider Advocates hub.

Your rank will remain the same globally and will still be accessible via the Cisco Insider Advocates hub.

We'll continue working to create an excellent reward experience for you. The rules will remain the same, but we'll keep refreshing the offerings each quarter with new items and opportunities.

We believe Cisco Insider’s breadth and depth of Cisco engagement opportunities, experiences, and support will provide you with a more robust and engaging Cisco experience. You will be able to enjoy all the member benefits of Cisco Insider Advocates while also exploring other Cisco engagement opportunities that interest you across Cisco Insider, such as accessing product roadmaps or participating in beta testing and research studies.

When you log in to the Cisco Insider Advocates hub, you will see all the familiar faces from the Global Gateway hub. You can also reach out to Nic D’Amato (, Rashik Rahman (, or Vikrant Kumar Seth ( for direct hub community support.

Cisco Insider User Group (formerly Cisco Customer Connection Program)

Yes, you will still have full access to all our technical briefings and roadmap sessions.

Yes, you will still have full access to betas.

Yes, our program will still offer roadmap sessions in person at Cisco Live events.

Yes, you will still access the program through Cisco Community, and you will still need to be a Cisco Community member to join our program. You may also access Cisco Insider and all associated programs through the new Cisco Insider homepage.

Yes, customers and partners who wish to be a member of Cisco Insider User Group must sign a nondisclosure agreement so that Cisco product teams can share roadmap briefings.

Cisco Insider Champions (formerly Cisco Champions)

Applications open in September 2022.

Acceptances will be communicated in early 2023.

Champions are established tech professionals who have influence on social platforms, in the technical community, or within their company and are looking for meaningful ways to connect, learn, and grow with their peers and with Cisco.

No, you do not need a large social presence or social following to be accepted into the program. We do, however, recommend that members consider growing their social presence by leveraging the best practices and tips provided to you as a member.

No, you do not need to be an active content creator to be accepted into the program. We do, however, recommend that those with an interest in creating a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel—or who are simply looking for ways to get inspired—participate in Creators Club.

Provide candid feedback in beta tests and feedback sessions.

Attend pre-briefings and help create excitement with your content and social engagements.

Share your unique perspective and ask intelligent questions as a Cisco Champion Radio host.

Connect with other Champions in the Webex spaces and our weekly coffee hours.

Cisco Insider User Research (formerly Cisco LabX and Cisco Insider)

The Cisco Insider program is expanding to bring you more ways to engage with Cisco. Don’t worry, all the research opportunities you know and love from the existing Cisco Insider program can be found in the Cisco Insider User Research program.

The Cisco Insider User Research program provides an opportunity for users who interact with Cisco solutions and experiences to share their perspective, feedback, and experience to shape the direction of Cisco. We conduct User Research studies in order to collect feedback and partner with teams across Cisco to implement improved solutions that serve our users.

We are looking for any users who interact with Cisco experiences and solutions. Our team is dedicated to capturing a variety of perspectives to better shape experiences that will serve all users.

It’s simple—you build your profile to sign up as a member of Cisco Insider User Research. Once you register you will receive communications about research studies that match your interests.

After you participate in a study, we will leverage your ideas, perspective, and expertise to shape experiences at Cisco.

One of the best paybacks we provide is to listen carefully and represent what customers and partners tell us, highlighting your input and priorities to inform how Cisco teams shape the future of your interactions and experiences with Cisco. We also provide tokens of appreciation for your participation in our studies, inviting you to choose from a selection of Cisco merchandise. Of course, this may vary to comply with your local regulations and company policies.

Once you sign up, we will contact you with studies that match your profile. We will always provide time estimates and a brief description of each study so you can decide if it's right for you. If you do choose to accept, you're invited to either participate in a remote activity at your convenience or fill out our form to schedule time with one of our User Researchers. You can also expect a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on our ongoing studies.

We will contact you only with opportunities that fit your profile. This means that the frequency with which we contact you will vary based on how the topics we are researching match your profile.

Fill out this form at any time, and we will update our systems to ensure that we do not contact you for future research opportunities.

If you’re willing to share, we’d be curious to know your reason for opting out, along with any feedback on the program. Our goal is to improve your experience with Cisco, and that includes with Cisco Insider.

Yes! If your contact information has changed, fill out this form.

Each time we invite you to a new research effort, we will explain the time commitment so you can decide based on your availability. Research engagements could range from activities to do on your own taking 15 minutes or less to conversations with researchers that can last up to 1.5 hours. We use a range of research approaches, so you can choose to participate in studies that match your interest and availability.

We offer a variety of research study methods designed for you to share your candid thoughts and feedback. Your perspective enables us to shape experiences that best serve our users, so there are no right or wrong answers. Here is a breakdown of some of our most common methods:

Survey: A short activity for you to share your thoughts via a questionnaire. You may complete surveys at any time.

One-on-one interview: A live conversation with one of our User Researchers about your perceptions of and experiences with specified topics.

Usability study: A live walk-through of a digital experience with one of our User Researchers. Our team will ask you to complete tasks and tell us about your perceptions and ideas regarding the experience.

Diary study: You will participate in a few short tasks routinely over several weeks. Our User Researchers will ask you to document your experience with these tasks and answer a few questions. This study can be completed remotely on your laptop or phone.

Field study: Our User Researchers will visit your office during a scheduled time to learn more about your experience in the environment where you interact with Cisco experiences and solutions.

Cisco takes customer data protection seriously. Your information is kept confidential, and all our research reports are anonymous. We store your profile safely and don't share the data with other parties—inside or outside Cisco—for marketing purposes. For more details, check out Cisco’s privacy policy.