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Western States Contracting Alliance Contract with Cisco

Please be advised, this contract (WSCA-NASPO #AR-233) expired August 31, 2014. Please refer to the new contract (WSCA-NASPO #AR233 (14-19)).

One-Stop Shop for Cisco Products and Services

Public sector customers can procure the entire suite of Cisco Networking Communications products and services under one interstate cooperative purchasing vehicle. This contract is open to WSCA member states and eligible political subdivisions and public education entities (K-12 and higher education) within these states.

New WSCA-NASPO Contract

New WSCA-NASPO Contract

Find more information about the new WSCA-NASPO contract targeted to go live June 1, 2014, copies of contract related documents, and who to contact for further information.

Purchasing Eligibility

What is WSCA?

Find more information about WSCA, whether your state is a WSCA member, and the purchasing eligibility guidelines for this contract.

How to Use This Contract to Purchase from Cisco

How do I join?

Download the WSCA Cisco Networking Communications and Maintenance Master Agreement AR-233 (PDF - 8.6MB)
Download Addendum 1 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 70.3KB)
Download Amendment 1 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 159KB)
Download Amendment 2 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 29KB)
Download Amendment 3 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 270KB)
Download Amendment 4 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 1.8MB)
Download Amendment 5 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 129KB)
Download Amendment 6 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 539KB)
Download Amendment 7 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 37KB)
Download Amendment 11 of the WSCA Cisco Master Agreement (PDF - 66KB)

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