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Securing Patient Data

Read this study to learn about the latest security threats facing healthcare organizations.

Securing Patient Data

Deliver Better Care and Wellness

Enable local and remote team collaboration, patient examinations, and consultations. Streamline workflows and improve communications across teams.

Care-at-a-Distance and Clinical Workflow

Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity

Provide security, interoperability, device connectivity, and regulatory compliance. Enhance integration and management of medical device data in an open yet secure environment.

Compliance and Medical Device Management

Collaborate to Innovate

Facilitate professional education, training, certification, and business collaboration across teams and organizations.

Continuing Health Education and Business Collaboration

Healthcare on equal terms

Healthcare on equal terms

Tolkesentralen improves efficiency and security of carer-patient interactions. (PDF - 119 KB)

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Empowering More Connected Care

Empowering More Connected Care

Enhance collaboration, communications, and workflows with Cisco Connected Health. (PDF - 810 KB)

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Improving the Delivery of Care

Improving the Delivery of Care

The IoE is connecting the unconnected, transforming clinical practice and patient care.

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