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With digital transformation, students can learn more and faculty can research in new ways, in new places, with new connections to resources around the world. Cisco is leading this transformation with visionary solutions that enable students to learn without limits. We’ve worked with:

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Smart Campus Ecosystem Through Wi-Fi Analytics

Smart Campus Ecosystem Through Wi-Fi Analytics

"CMX allowed us to gain an insight into traffic activities on campus through the wireless infrastructure and enabled plans to minimize disruptions."

Dr. Jan Dethlefs, Associate Director, University of Melbourne

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Enable students to learn anywhere

Enable students to learn anywhere

Provide unlimited access to educational resources, regardless of location or device.

Foster global connections

Foster global connections

Increase the potential for learning and teaching through collaboration with peers and experts worldwide.

Facilitate faculty research

Facilitate faculty research

Support innovation, acceleration, and research computing.

Build an intelligent campus

Optimize facilities in lighting, energy, parking, and waste disposal to create a sustainable campus.

Create workplace efficiencies

Create workplace efficiencies

Update workspaces to increase productivity. Also enable staff, faculty, and the community to work quickly and effectively within the existing LMS.

Keep students and faculty safe

Keep students and faculty safe

Foster a safe and secure physical and virtual campus environment.

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Building a digital foundation

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Transforming education

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Connecting transportation

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Driving campus transformation

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