Unleash the Power of Digital Learning with E-rate

Leading a Digital Transformation

How to use E-rate and the power of digital to transform education. (PDF - 9.0 MB)

Leading a Digital Transformation

Use E-rate to Build Your Digital Ready Network

If you're going digital, you need E-rate. Digital learning and E-rate are the perfect pairing because the modernized E-rate program focuses on the largest and most urgent need: closing the Wi-Fi gap and ensuring access to high-speed broadband, both of which are critical to an effective digital learning experience.

Cisco is leading this new digital world in education with visionary technologies that support blended learning experiences, worldwide collaborations, and rich online media experiences. From the network up, our solutions are building digital schools and libraries so that they are fully connected, educators are fully empowered, administrators are fully informed, and students can learn without limits.


Mooresville Did It, So Can You

How to Use E-rate and the Power of Digital to Transform Education

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Unprecedented Funding for Schools and Libraries

The E-rate program offers $3.9 billion worth of discounts to K–12 schools and libraries each year. And due to the $1.9 billion in rollover funding, there is an unprecedented $5.8 billion available for the 2016 funding year (E-rate Year 19).

So if you haven’t applied, the time is now! Get your network ready for digital and submit your application today. The filing window closes April 29, 2016, so Form 470s must be posted by April 1, 2016.


E-rate Modernization and You

Learn about the recent program changes and how they impact you. (PDF - 865 KB)

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Digital Learning Solutions

See how Cisco’s solutions can help you achieve your initiatives for learning and curriculum, student assessment and data analytics, information security, professional development, and school safety in this K–12 Reference Architecture poster.

Not all solution components are E-rate eligible. To check product eligibility, browse or search our eligibility database.

  • Enterprise Networks
    Speed up innovation, reduce costs and complexity, and enhance security.
  • Mobility Solutions
    A mobility strategy can make education more efficient and collaborative.
  • Collaboration
    Empower students and faculty to engage and innovate anywhere, on any device.
  • Cloud Solutions
    Choose cloud services with the compliance and control that schools and libraries need.
  • Data Center and Virtualization
    Deploy applications and cloud solutions faster, cheaper, and with less risk.
  • Security Solutions
    Gain visibility, control, and threat protection across your network, and comply with CIPA.

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The FCC Gets It

"Schools and libraries should take a whole network approach to planning their purchase of E-rate eligible services that bring connectivity both to the building and to devices."

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