Unleash the power of digital learning with E-rate

Capture your share of $3.9 billion E-rate funding available now. The revamped E-rate program focuses on the largest and most urgent need: closing the Wi-Fi gap and creating access to high-speed broadband. Both are critical for an effective digital learning experience.

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Smart schools use E-rate and the power of digital to reimagine education. Cisco helps you thrive in this new world with visionary technologies that support personalized learning, global collaboration, and rich online experiences. From the network up, use our solutions to build connected digital schools and libraries. So your students can learn without limits.

  • Breach time detection

    Breach time detection

    Source: Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report
  • Annual savings from energy management

    Annual savings from energy management

    Source: NY public schools case study
  • Access a high-speed network

    Access a high-speed network

    Source: Texas school district case study

Rural district uses E-rate to provide access to technology


"The reason we have seen such rewarding results is that we understand the value of a connected network, and we pushed forward beyond financial and geographic obstacles to invest in our district and in our children’s future."

Antonio Romayor Jr
Director of Technology
El Centro Elementary School District

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How to apply for E-rate funding

Step 1: Plan and Design your network

Build your network design to meet your digital learning initiatives.

Understand FCC bandwidth guidelines
CoSN network checklist

Step 2: Determine a funding strategy

Review E-rate eligible services and your discount level to know how much funding you can apply for and how much you'll need to come up with or fund from other sources.

Cisco product eligibility database
USAC Eligible Services List (ESL)

Step 3: Request and review proposals

File E-rate Form 470 to start the competitive bidding process. Review responses and select a service provider.

USAC Forms

Step 4: Apply for funding

File Form 471 before the filing window deadline (usually in the Spring).

USAC forms
What to expect after the
filing window


More E-rate funding available now than ever before

Learn about the E-rate modernization program changes and how you can benefit. 

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Mooresville did it. So can you.

See how you can use E-rate and the power of digital to transform education in your school.

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Digital education environment

Empower students to learn wherever they are, from the classroom to home and everywhere in between.
Provide unlimited resources and instant access to communities of peers and teachers.



Provide richer learning experiences and real-time interaction between faculty and students. Expand virtual office hours. Let students and faculty connect to experts around the world in real-time via virtual classrooms, lectures, or on-demand videos.


IT Infrastructure

The network serves as the foundation for digital transformation. It's the core on which the digital overlay sits. Because it touches everything, it is critical to take an architectural approach when planning and implementing digital learning initiatives.



Help make life easier for schools all across America with secure, on-demand, cloud-based services that blend the physical and virtual classroom. This empowers students with fingertip access to content no matter where they are in the world.


Wireless and Mobility

Empower students to learn wherever they are, from the classroom to home and everywhere in between. Provide unlimited resources and instant access to communities of peers and teachers.



Provide strong risk protection by quickly detecting, preventing, and responding to vulnerabilities and attacks. Provide safe and secure school environments where students can learn more effectively.



Cisco Services, and our partners, help schools digitize faster to harness the full potential of a digital transformation.

Not all solution components are E-rate eligible. To check product eligibility, browse or search our eligibility database.

Offers for K-12 education

Education product SKU

These products include an Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty that expands Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support from 90 days to 3 years.

U.S. K-12 Bundled Warranty

Get 12 months of Cisco TAC access, software updates, and access, and up to 36 months of advanced hardware replacement.

WebEx for K-12

Connect your classrooms with Cisco WebEx. Connect anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Meraki K-12

Enjoy a significant discount on 5-year Meraki licenses for K-12 and library customers.

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Ask your Cisco representative about special offers for K-12 schools.

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Invest in new ways with public funds

Invest in new ways with public funds

Learn how you can use public funding to transform your education experience.

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Learn the latest E-rate news

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What's new from USAC

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