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Global Public Safety and Security

Secure Collaboration Across Networks

See John Chambers' keynote at the National UASI & Homeland Security Conference, 2011. (3:18 min)

Secure Collaboration Across Networks

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Protect Citizens and Public Spaces

With reduced workforces and constrained budgets, today's public safety agencies need cost-effective solutions to keep citizens and public spaces safe. Cisco provides converged network and physical security to help government agencies respond to emergencies and protect their citizens.



IACP 2013

Featured Case Study

Georgetown County Enhances Public Safety

A South Carolina county shares its physical security solution with other groups. (PDF - 114 KB)


Collaborative Incident Communications

Quickly establish communications in emergency situations when time is critical.

Connected Safety and Security

Integrate live video and information to improve crisis situational awareness.

Mobile Emergency Response

Establish secure, mobile communications for emergency responders.


Services for Government

Accelerate government productivity initiatives. Develop strategies to create more secure and effective communication infrastructures.