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Cisco Mobile ReadyNet

Enabling information sharing and collaboration to mobile users operating beyond traditional network boundaries. (2:19 min)

Cisco Mobile ReadyNet

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Collaborate Across Boundaries and Borders

Agencies and forces need to share time-sensitive information with each other and with those in command while on the move.

Mobile and fixed wireless solutions from Cisco give you the freedom to accomplish your mission from anywhere, without compromising security. Now you can act faster with confidence in a highly secure network that keeps critical information at your fingertips.


Service Routing White Paper (PDF - 423 KB)

Cisco Mobile-Ready Net Brochure (PDF - 847 KB)

Radio-Aware Routing White Paper (PDF - 311 KB)

Standards-Based Radio Networks Brochure (PDF - 747KB)

Wireless Solutions for Military Brochure (PDF - 807 KB)


5900 Series Embedded Services Routers

Cisco 5900 Embedded Services Routers help enable rugged mobile communications.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM)

Expand your network capabilities by deploying Cisco Unified Communications Manager into embedded systems using Cisco authorized embedded platforms. (PDF - 3.2 MB)

Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP)

Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) is the latest protocol in the Radio Aware Routing (RAR) family. DLEP address the challenges faced when merging IP routing and radio frequency (RF) communications. (PDF - 347 KB)

Cisco OSPFv3 Address Families At-A-Glance

Migrate your network to Open Shortest Path First v.3 while supporting both IPv4 and IPv6. (PDF - 461 KB)

Cisco OSPFv3 MANET At-A-Glance

Optimize the performance of Open Shortest Path First v.3 (OSPFv3) in highly dynamic, wireless mobile environments. (PDF - 425 KB)

Products and Services

Services for Government

Accelerate government productivity initiatives. Develop strategies to create more secure and effective communication infrastructures.

Cisco IP Multiplexing

Cisco IP Multiplexing Product Bulletin

Cisco announces the availability of Cisco® IP Multiplexing on the Cisco 5915 and 5940 Embedded Services Routers (ESRs), and Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) - Generation 2 (ISR G2s), including the 29xx, 39xx and selected 8xx routers. (PDF - 171 KB)

Cisco IP Multiplexing At a Glance

Cisco® IP Multiplexing can improve bandwidth efficiency on satellite links that have packets-per-second (pps) constraints. (PDF - 282 KB)

Cisco IP Multiplexing Presentation

IP multiplexing combines many smaller packets into one larger packet. (PPT - 872 KB)

Cisco IP Multiplexing Datasheet

Cisco® IP Multiplexing improves bandwidth efficiency over a packets-per-second (pps)-constrained link by using multiplexing schemes. (PDF - 186 KB)

Understanding and Configuring Cisco IP Multiplexing

Use IP multiplexing to optimize IPv4 and IPv6 traffic in environments where packet-per second transmission limitations cause inefficient bandwidth utilization, such as a satellite network. (PDF - 117 KB)

Cisco IP Multiplexing Commands

This chapter provides commands and includes syntax description, command modes, command history, usage guidelines and examples. (PDF - 151 KB)