Cisco Connected Learning

Connected Learning

Find out more about Connected Learning solutions that help address the challenges you face today. (3:18 min)

Transforming Education, Together

Get the innovative tools you need to create a 21st century learning environment. Cisco Connected Learning solutions enables you to improve student outcomes, increase efficiency, enhance safety and security, and expand research capabilities.

Cisco's comprehensive solution portfolio of intelligent, network-centric solutions, including video, collaboration, and virtualization, help you meet your most-pressing education imperatives.

Cisco is committed to education as evidenced by our Networking Academy Program, Global Education initiatives, research programs, and investments in education.


Connected Learning Brochure

Explore the path to next-generation learning.
(PDF - 255 KB)

Video: School of the Future

Cisco Connected Learning solutions are transforming a school with technology available today. (Video - 4:06 min)

Use Technology to Transform Learning

See how the Cisco Connected Learning    Experience Interactive Tool helps educators enhance learning.

The Digital Transformation in Schools with E-Rate

Cisco Education solutions for Digital Learning and Digital Campus provide a cost effective approach that leverages E-Rate to maximize benefits for    your school district.
(PDF - 426 KB)

Case Studies

Broadmeadows' Genuine Transformation

Victoria's largest educational change management project took 17 schools from last place to second.
(PDF - 512 KB)

New York Public Schools

This video testimonial explores how NYC schools are integrating technology into the classroom. (Video - 6:33 min)

Architecture Blueprints for Schools

Connected Learning Blueprint

Get details about the technology required to build a connected school. (PDF - 1.1 MB)

Service Ready Architecture

Create a 21st-century learning environment to prepare the workforce of the future.
(PDF - 19.2 MB)

White Papers and Research

Equip Learners for 21st Century

Use a systematic approach to transform education and empower learners to thrive in the 21st century. (PDF - 1.7 MB)

Transforming Education

Transform education, transform lives, and build a path to next-generation learning. (PDF - 2.6 MB)

Best Practices in Education Technology

Learn about innovative ways in which technology is used to support learning around the world. (PDF - 948 KB)

Technology in Schools: What the Research

This report summarizes the latest research
findings in educational technology.
(PDF - 898 KB)

Thriving in Tough Economic Times

Learn how educational institutions worldwide
use their networks to connect and advance their communities. (PDF - 287 KB)