Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University uses WebEx to enable mobility, collaboration and transform learning.

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University

Promote Dynamic Learning and Improve Collaboration

With Cisco WebEx technologies, colleges and universities can and provide rich online environments for learning and collaboration that engage students beyond the boundaries of the traditional brick-and-mortar campus.

Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing

By taking advantage of web-based conferencing capabilities afforded by WebEx technology, colleges and universities can:

  • Reach students where, when, and how they are most receptive to learning
  • Enhance communications to all members of the education community
  • Connect securely through the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud

Cisco WebEx Social for Higher Education

Currently available in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, WebEx Social for Higher Education is a people-centric collaboration solution that combines the power of social networking and real-time communications so that:

  • Students can form instant virtual teams for class projects, share content and engage in collaborative co-authoring
  • Faculty can establish virtual office hours and extend advising options through built-in presence and real-time communication capabilities
  • Administrators and staff can improve efficiencies through integrated social and real-time collaboration tools


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