Notifi-ED Validated Design

Cisco and its partners provide a tested, certified, and proven solution.

Use Flexible, Cost-Effective Notification

Help students feel secure, informed, and fully engaged in the learning process with Notifi-ED. This communications solution combines technologies from partners SchoolMessenger and Singlewire to deliver comprehensive mass notification. The solution is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to manage and use.

Solution Overviews

  • Singlewire
    Learn about Singlewire InformaCast, a widely used paging system in IP telephony. (PDF - 481 KB)
  • SchoolMessenger
    SchoolMessenger's notification solutions offer an uninterrupted line of communication. (PDF - 695 KB)

Case Studies


Products and Services

  • Cisco Physical Security
    Integrate your existing physical security infrastructure with video surveillance and access control.