Internet of Things (IoT) - Security

Internet of Things (IoT)

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

The proliferation of things—systems, machines, equipment, and devices—connected to the Internet and each other creates a significant need for physical security. Security elements such as access badges, cameras, phones, and gates, will be digital nodes on the Internet of Things.

This presents new network security challenges, as the growing number and variety of connected devices increases the number of potential cyber threats. The IoT cannot be successful in any organization without integrated security for both the physical and network infrastructure.

How Cisco Provides Online and Physical Security for the IoT

Cisco security products, services, and solutions provide the eyes and ears for all areas of your business: whether in the office, data center, plant, mine, factory, or retail environment. You can extend our solutions to suppliers, partners, customers, and other stakeholders so that the right people have the right access to the right things.

Cisco solutions can increase productivity and efficiency by processing information from cameras, phones, and security badges immediately and directly into network data. This makes it easier for you to monitor, record, and respond to any unauthorized activities.

Cisco provides a broad range of security solutions with proven customer deployments. Some areas include:

  • Facility protection to protect people and assets in buildings, mines, rigs, factories, and nearly every industry
  • Collaborative operations solutions that extend beyond traditional office boundaries, where business may be conducted outdoors, for example, and across large geographic areas
  • Business Intelligence that turns video into data so that analytics support better business decisions
  • Network security solutions, including intrusion prevention systems, firewall, web security, cloud-based Internet intelligence, and more to maintain strong network security

Learn how Cisco is securing the IoT for your industry's particular needs at the Cisco Physical Security Solutions website.