Cisco ONE Software Suites

A New Way to Buy Software

Learn how Cisco is making software purchases easy, flexible, and affordable. (3:27 min)

Beginning in 2015, Cisco will offer Cisco ONE Software Suites, a new way for customers to purchase infrastructure software. Cisco ONE Software Suites offer a simplified purchasing model, centered on common customer scenarios in the data center, wide area network, and local access networks.

Cisco ONE Software Suites provide customers with four key benefits:

  • Software suites that address typical customer use scenarios at an attractive price
  • Investment protection of their software purchase through license portability
  • Access to ongoing innovation and new technology from Cisco incorporated into the suites
  • Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer's software spend over time

With more than 20 years of technological development, Cisco software continues to deliver tremendous customer value. For example, innovations like the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure provide greater programmability, ease of use, and security across the enterprise. With Cisco ONE Software Suites, customers can now extract the value of software in bundles that address common business challenges in three domains: WAN, access networks, and data center / cloud networking.

Cisco ONE Software Suites focus on business outcomes aligned to common use cases. They cut through the complexity of product-by-product software features by decoupling the ownership of those features from the underlying hardware and operating system. This separation means that usage rights are portable across multiple generations of hardware. It also gives customers the ability to acquire and deploy new capabilities in a virtual manner through an integrated licensing portal.

You get the software you need when you need it. You can change where the software runs without licensing complications. You can also streamline procurement and administration processes. It's possible with Cisco ONE Software Suites.

Cisco ONE Software Suites provide customers with four compelling benefits.

Investment Protection

Cisco ONE Software Suites protect a customer's software investment through license portability. Licenses are transferable between generations of devices, eliminating the requirement to repurchase software when upgrading to new hardware.

For a small fee, customers may also transfer their licenses to a higher-tier family of products or from a physical to a virtual device. Software investments made today will last into the future, even as technical or business requirements may change.

Less Complexity, Greater Value

Cisco ONE Software Suites are composed of software packages that address the most common customer scenarios. At the same time, they incorporate advanced capabilities (for example, energy management) to increase the benefit to the customer.

The goal is reduced complexity and increased value, especially in the ordering process. Customers will no longer need to construct lengthy purchase orders to make sure all the necessary software is included. Cisco ONE Software Suites collapse these software items into a single line item, simplifying the process and reducing the risk of accidentally excluding a necessary software component.

Access to Ongoing Innovation

Traditionally, when Cisco released new products, either through in-house development or an acquisition, customers needed to purchase these products separately. With Cisco ONE Software Suites, and an associated software maintenance contract, customers are entitled to ongoing software updates and upgrades within the suite.

If those features will not run on existing but outdated devices, then software portability provides the ability to transfer that software to the latest models. Additionally, as Cisco incorporates new products and features into Cisco ONE Software Suites, customers will be entitled to those latest capabilities immediately. Cisco's intent is to add capabilities into the software suites on an ongoing basis.

Flexible Licensing Models

Cisco ONE provides customers with new subscriptions, enterprise agreements, and other options to license and consume their software. With a subscription license, customers can pay a fixed annual rate for their software licenses, upgrades, portability, and technical support. Customers can thus count on predictable technology expenses.

Enterprise license agreements offer even greater discounts to customers willing to commit to a higher level of expenditures on Cisco ONE Software Suites, along with standalone collaboration and security packages. Customers designate a total expenditure commitment and have the ability to distribute this amount over time.