Reasons include scalability, density, convergence, and economy of scale, says Cox VP John Civiletto. (3:33 min)

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Cisco modular CCAP solutions include the field-proven uBR10012 cable modem termination system (CMTS) and high-density RF Gateway 10 universal edge quadrature amplitude modulation (UEQAM).

The Cisco Remote-PHY solution extends scalability beyond the CCAP chassis, and more importantly, extends Ethernet deep into the node. It also increases service-group density and helps cable operators to implement a Fiber Deep architecture while migrating to an all-IP infrastructure.

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Cisco uBR 10012 Universal Broadband Router

Cisco Broadband Processing Engine, a Remote PHY line card for uBR10012

  • A high capacity, DOCSISĀ® 3.0-capable and C-DOCSIS/Remote-PHY-compliant line card for the Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router
  • Both upstreams and downstream physical (PHY) functions are distributed and located remotely at the node, closer to the subscribers
  • Increases service group density and extends Ethernet deep into the network, closer to the subscribers
  • Supports 72 DOCSIS downstream and 60 upstream channels per card
  • Scales up to 576 modular DOCSIS downstream channels and 480 upstream channels, (approximately 24 Gbps of downstream throughput and 14.4 Gbps of upstream throughput) in a single uBR10012 chassis
  • DOCSIS is a registered trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

RF Gateway 10 Universal Edge QAM

  • First CCAP solution to support DOCSIS and video convergence
  • Includes DS 384 Universal Edge QAM Line Card
  • High-density platform supports over 1024 QAMs per line card.
  • QAM sharing and service convergence reduce rack space and power consumptions

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