Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) Solutions


Reasons include scalability, density, convergence, and economy of scale, says Cox VP John Civiletto. (3:33 min)

Cisco CCAP and Remote PHY Solutions

The Cisco Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) solution offers the scalability to meet bandwidth demand today, while migrating toward a converged DOCSIS and video all-IP service architecture. Cisco modular CCAP solutions include the field-proven uBR10012 CMTS and high-density RFGW-10 Universal Edge Quadrature Amplitude Modulator (u-EQAM).

The Cisco Remote PHY solution extends scalability beyond the CCAP chassis. It increases service group density and helps cable operators to implement a Fiber Deep architecture while migrating to an all-IP infrastructure.

For more information, read an overview of the Cisco Modular CCAP at-a-glance and Remote PHY White Paper.

Featured Products

Cisco uBR 10012 Universal Broadband Router

RF Gateway 10 Universal Edge QAM

  • First CCAP solution to support DOCSIS and video convergence
  • Includes DS 384 Universal Edge QAM Line Card
  • High-density platform supports over 1024 QAMs per line card.
  • QAM sharing and service convergence reduce rack space and power consumptions

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