This page provides you with recent updates to the online Cisco tools that enable you to keep your network up and running.

Beta Programs Offered Exclusively Through Cisco Collaboration User Group

A Beta Program has been added to the exclusive benefits offered to Cisco Collaboration User Group (CCUG) members. The Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 Beta is open to user group members through October 22, 2010. Beta testing for a new mobile client is scheduled to start in November 2010. These beta programs are available only through the Cisco Collaboration User Group. Participating in a Beta enables you to be among the first to access new products or the latest version of a released product, and to collaborate directly with product developers, testers, program managers, and other Beta participants.

Membership in the Cisco Collaboration User Group is free. Multiple people from the same company may join. Connect with Cisco experts and over 1,800 of your peers to interact with experts, expand your peer network, and access exclusive programs and tools, such as Beta programs, monthly NDA and technical briefings, a Feature Request Tool, advisory Special Interest Groups, and more.

Learn more and join today.

Improved Cisco IOS System Message Guide Now Online

The all-releases "Cisco IOS System Message Guide" is an online publication that now provides information about system messages for all Cisco IOS Software Releases, including 15M/T, 15S, 12.4 family, and 12 S family, as well as for Cisco IOS XE 3SG.

Updated for each major Cisco software release, this online publication is organized by message category to direct you quickly to messages for your products. Each message contains a description and recommended action to help you reach a timely resolution.

View the latest release of "Cisco IOS System Message Guide" online.

NEW Follow the NetPro Application on Twitter

This new application allows Twitter users to "follow" pre-selected CSC NetPros' posts in CSC in real time via Twitter. No app installs are required. All you have to do is to select the CSC NetPro you want to follow and "Tweet" your request to us.

You will receive a Twitter direct message at frequent intervals with a link to the NetPro's posts.

cisco_support is the name of a Twitter account through which you can access Cisco Support Community but first you'll need to follow cisco_support.

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Cisco Support Community Browser Toolbar

The Cisco Support Community Browser Toolbar is a toolbar for Firefox (Windows and Mac) and Internet Explorer (Windows only) that will allow you to search for content on the Cisco Support Community as well as on

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Recent Updates to the CNS Alert Tool

The Cisco Notification Service (CNS) Alert Tool allows you to create customized flexible notification alerts to be sent to you via email or by RSS feed, on critical product support subjects. It also offers you the ability to set up one or more profiles that will enable you to receive notifications on the Topic-Subtopic you choose, and allows you to group Cisco information into common notifications.

Based on your feedback, recent updates to this tool include:

  • Clone an existing profile Allows you to copy a profile you created, make a small adjustment, and save it as a different profile.
  • Renew All Notifications feature Allows you to renew all notifications, versus renewing each individually.
  • Larger product description field Displays entire product description without cutting off the text.
  • Ability to see product sub-category, changes, and duration within the RSS Feed Avoids confusion by displaying more in-depth information on each product.

Visit the CNS Alert Tool today to begin taking advantage of this new functionality.

Note: This feature is available to registered users only.


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