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Why Pervasive

Why Pervasive?

The Case for Pervasive Wireless LAN Coverage

For truly significant productivity gains from mobility, wireless LAN coverage must be pervasive throughout the enterprise. Islands of coverage will impede efficiency and frustrate mobile workers. Arguments for limited deployments based on infrastructure cost savings create a false economy as the true gains from mobility cannot be realized.

Security services, as an example, ensure that the enterprise network is protected against unauthorized access via the wireless LAN medium. Because rogue access points and other wireless threats may appear anywhere within the enterprise, pervasive RF monitoring is critical to maintaining enterprise security. Deploying the security service in marketing, but not in R&D, would not make sense because a rogue access point could just as easily appear in either place. Without pervasive RF monitoring, the rogue could remain undiscovered and expose the enterprise to malicious hacking or loss of confidential information.

Voice services must also be pervasive to truly impact profits. Whether improving customer satisfaction through improved responsiveness, taking control of telecommunications expenses, or integrating company PBX services, all of these goals will be only partially achieved without pervasive coverage. Because todayís voice experience is dictated by the userís experience with cellular, dropped calls and spotty coverage inside the enterprise will lead to disappointment, and ultimately abandonment of the service. If the goal is improved customer satisfaction, but customers reach voicemail, the objective will not be reached.


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