The Master Security Specialization is targeted at an elite group of partners who have the most in-depth technology skills and demonstrated customer success in selling, deploying, and providing services for more sophisticated, value-added Cisco security solutions. Partners with a highly qualified security practice can achieve a Master Security Specialization, regardless of certification level.

The Master Security Specialization offers partners the greatest differentiation and branding opportunities along with the highest Value Incentive Program (VIP) rebate as a reward providing value-added services and for commitment to their customers' success.

To achieve the Master Security Specialization, partners must first attain the Advanced Security Specialization. Next, partners must meet stringent requirements to demonstrate their master-level capabilities and customer success track record. Requirements must be met in three areas:

  • 5 Customer reference accounts: Successful delivery of integrated, multiple security solutions such as Intrusion Prevention, Network Admission Control, Secure Communications, Security Management, and Secure Applications.
  • Technological capability: Additional CCIE personnel requirements with the deep technology skills customers require. Industry recognized Project Management credentials.
  • Services capability and methodology: Comprehensive Services Assessment across the Cisco Lifecycle Services phases (Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate and Optimize) including: ISO prescribed skills for the Operate Phase, remote monitoring capability, vulnerability assessments, and post implementation support.

To protect the integrity and value of the Master Specialization, Cisco requires an annual onsite audit. Partners will be asked to provide validation of third-party certifications, proof of specific business processes, and proof of proficiency in Cisco Security technologies.

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