Cisco - Wipro. A strategic engagement that helps customers win in the market place.

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Wipro is part of the Strategic Partner Organization-SPO which comprises a select group of partners worldwide.

Focusing on the SPO goals, Cisco-Wipro will explore innovative ways to outline, integrate and offer 'expertise' that will ensure growth and profitability of joint customers globally. Reduced costs, better productivity, a shift from CAPEX TO OPEX, Cloud based service offerings, these will be the core focus areas of the Cisco-Wipro partnership and Cisco-Wipro are readying a host of initiatives that will enable joint customers to unlock new value from their businesses. The SPO eco system is unique in its level of commitment and places great emphasis on exploring new ways to win in the market place.

A global services provider delivering technology driven business solutions, Wipro has over 100,000 employees across 54 Development Centers across the globe. Wipro is the only Indian company to be ranked among the Top 10 global outsourcing providers. With best-in-class partnerships and deep domain expertise, Wipro offers compelling IT solutions that enable customers to transform their businesses.

Analystspeak. Wipro's pragmatic use of cloud services.

"The key business challenges were to increase the speed, reduce the cost of the provisioning of the infrastructure and ensure effective utilization. The IT process (for provisioning of infrastructure) averaged 46 elapsed days prior to the use of cloud services, and the newly deployed process is 35 minutes." Gartner.

Wipro on Vblock.

Wipro is the first systems integrator to partner the VCE coalition. Wipro shares the goal of providing customers with strategic services and support to facilitate their journey to the cloud. With differentiated offerings and market relevant propositions, Wipro is spearheading the private cloud movement transforming enterprises through an integrated interplay of process, applications and infrastructure enabled by the agile Vblock Architecture.

Wipro has successfully tested and rolled out private cloud internally, across the organization substantiating the benefits of moving to private cloud.

Server Provision Cycle. Cut from 46 days to 35 minutes.
Server Costs. Reduced by 40%.
Hardware deployment. Decreased by 40%.
Overall hardware utilization level. From <10% to > 40%

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