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Mobile Concierge Demo

Welcome to the IBM and Cisco Mobile Concierge Demo

The Mobile Concierge solution delivers a unique in-store experience to customers’ smart phones.

Mobile Concierge is customized for the unique requirements of a retailer by bringing together:

  • IBM mobile mash-up technology, which enables integrated web applications to be displayed on mobile devices
  • IBM Presence Zones technology which provides analytics to deliver a customized shopping experience with coupons, promotions, and unique services. Analytics are also provided to the retailer on how customers shop, allowing them to effectively deliver the right products, services, and store experience.
  • Cisco wireless and location awareness capabilities
  • Cisco Unified Communications, which enables customers to use multimedia to interact with expert store assistance on their mobile devices
  • Cisco PCI Security to help ensure customer information is secure

With Mobile Concierge, when customers enter a store, they can securely join the store’s wireless guest network. Once connected to the store’s network, Mobile Concierge can deliver coupons, make product suggestions, allow shoppers to organize shopping lists, receive unique digital signage based on shopping preferences, and more. Integration at checkout ensures all coupons and promotions are properly credited and the customers get through checkout quickly. Mobile Concierge is designed to enable next generation consumers to have the personal shopping experience they expect.

Imagine what this could mean to your store:

  • Offers and other information tailored to each customer and delivered as they are shopping the department
  • Expert staff assistance without the cost of staff in every location
  • Increased likelihood customers will find what they came for, whether in the store or via home delivery and extension services

Although the products, software, and services that go into Mobile Concierge are offered separately by IBM and Cisco, we are currently working together to create an integrated offering as part of our Next Generation Connected Retail solutions.

Click here to see a demo of the IBM and Cisco Mobile Concierge.