Front Office Solutions for Retail Banking

Front Office Solutions for Retail Banking

The requirement for greater efficiencies, as well as the ability to offer a broader portfolio of financial products and services, is causing retail financial institutions to use subject matter expertise at the point of customer contact, regardless of channel.

To help banks reach their goals, IBM and Cisco have enhanced our joint retail banking portfolio with new Remote Expert solutions. The solutions focus on improving customer communication and increasing revenue through customer interactions that create deeper customer intimacy and retention rates, resulting in improved profitability.

Remote Expert solutions can help banks innovate in their customer interaction channels-including branch, call center, self-service, digital, and mobile channels. The addition of video provides access to remote product experts, training of branch staff, premise security, and analytics.

Now branch customers can to have live, face-to-face meetings with financial services professionals located almost anywhere. Remote Expert incorporates customer relationship management capabilities to actively identify and find the right person to talk to, whether it's a retirement counselor, wealth manager, or loan specialist.

Together, IBM and Cisco are a powerful combination to help banks achieve their business objectives.

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