Smart Grid Transformation

IBM and Cisco Utilities Network Revitalization Solutions

IBM and Cisco Utilities Network Revitalization Solutions

Utility companies are facing an unprecedented array of challenges. Utility companies can now instrument, interconnect, and automate the grid, making data-driven insight a part of how they run the grid. Utility companies can improve service levels, extend the useful life of assets, and even increase effective capacity.

The IBM Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) combines innovative new approaches to management with existing assets. Groundbreaking technologies such as smart meters and intelligent sensors are making it possible to actively and proactively manage the grid. This management requires instrumentation, a communications infrastructure, and necessary application intelligence and analytics.

IBM and Cisco have teamed to provide an end-to-end solution set. It combines powerful Cisco network technology with IBM’s leadership in communication services, network management, security, information management and analytics, all with energy industry expertise.

The resulting data communications capability encompasses everything from strategy to complete network deployments that promote transformation of the smart grid.

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