IBM and Cisco Network Modernization

IBM and Cisco Network Modernization

The increasing use of mobile devices has far-reaching implications for business. Until recently, the workplace has been a bricks-and mortar location-an office, a warehouse, a factory. New mobile technologies and a new worker mindset are changing all that. Smartphones and tablet computers, coupled with employee needs to work anytime, from anywhere, place increasing demands on enterprise networks. Concurrently, operating in a stagnant economy, many organizations have postponed network upgrades or refresh initiatives. The result is aging network equipment that will prove challenging to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications and to provide highly secure access to information for new mobile devices.

IBM and Cisco are working with organizations to help them modernize their aging enterprise networks. IBM services for network and security assessments, design, implementation, and ongoing management together with Cisco Borderless Networks products and technologies can help you develop a long-term modernization strategy for your network infrastructure. This strategy can help you transition to the network infrastructure you need to meet business needs for anytime and anywhere access, for employee collaboration, and for a quality mobile workplace experience.


  • New technologies and work strategies place increasing demands on enterprise networks
  • Because of poor economic conditions, many organizations have postponed modernization initiatives
  • Aging network equipment will prove challenging to meet the demands of mobile devices and bandwidth intensive applications
  • Network security is a significant concern, especially for wireless networks
  • IBM services help you plan, design, implement, manage, and maintain network infrastructures to meet current and future business needs

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