IBM and Cisco Mobility Solution

Today's employees are increasingly on the move, using mobile devices throughout their working life. Mobile collaboration has a powerful impact on productivity, offering anytime, anywhere access to data, applications, and most importantly, people. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops have become so pervasive that individuals expect to be able to use them for their work as a matter of course.

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More companies are not only permitting, but supporting, the employee's choice of mobile technology - a new trend called "bring your own device," or BYOD. The excitement around the latest devices and mobile applications can draw attention away from the true foundation of mobile collaboration: the network. It needs to be able to control access to maintain adequate security. It must also have the capacity, reliability, and performance that mobile workers require. End-user configuration and connection need to be simple and easy, regardless of device.

To successfully enable a mobile collaboration and BYOD strategy, one must first address these and other network-related issues. IBM and Cisco can help with solutions that consider everything from network infrastructure and device management to the policies that govern access and security. Cisco provides world-renowned network technology products. IBM completes the picture with deep business and IT expertise, delivered through consulting, design, implementation, and run services, as well as a host of technology offerings. Together, IBM and Cisco help clients develop and execute the right business, network, and IT strategy quickly and cost-effectively.

BYOD Solutions Highlights

  • Optimizes network security, management, and performance to support mobile collaboration and BYOD strategies
  • Supports critical aspects of policy management, desktop virtualization, and mobile device management
  • Improves productivity and ease of use by simplifying on-boarding for users, as well as for administrators
  • Offers proven expertise in networks, systems integration, business transformation, and security practices

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To learn more about how IBM and Cisco network expertise and solutions can help your enterprise support mobile collaboration by incorporating employee-owned devices into a business strategy, contact your IBM or Cisco representative.